Monday, December 11, 2017

What Organizations do you belong to?

It's hard to believe that more years ago than I care to remember,  I never would have thought about joining a networking group(s).   But it truly is amazing what they do for you both personally,  emotionally and professionally.

The first one I ever joined was American Business Women's Association,  later came Organization of Women in International Trade,  and many other work related organizations like the chamber of commerces,  international business groups and most recently HIP (focused for Direct Sellers).  It's taken me from a wall flower to a more outgoing personality. 

Not only have they helped my Jordan Essentials business grow with sales.   But I found mentors that were able to mentor me in new territory.  I've developed leadership skills and found friends that I never would have had.

This is my NEWEST membership and have to say finding it very rewarding to see how hard others are willing to work in Direct Sales as either a primary income or a "B" income.   Some are using to supplement retirement.    Some just to get out of the house and socialize!   #standardsetters

Whatever your stage in "LIFE"  I recommend getting involved in organizations that can assist you in taking the next step in your life.   Be  it business,  personal growth or just friendship!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Phone or No Phone!

Holiday Celebrations are right around the corner for most of us,  and it one of the few times a year,  that you will see families really focus on their "formal place settings".    When we were growing up,  it was alway a lesson in how to set the table. (Not to mention squeezing enough in for everyone -- then hoping you were not stuck at the kids table.

My generation never had to worry about a place setting for the "CELL PHONE"    I know that at our home there will be no cell phones at the dinner table!

Would love to hear your thoughts on the cell phone  and do you do the formal settings at all?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Look what I woke up to this MORNING!

I woke up this morning excited to see what TODAY's  Daily Special was going to be,  and I had an EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT!    a DUSTING of SNOW in HOUSTON TX!   Think the last time we had snow was 2009!

Then when I saw what TODAYs  DAILY special was I knew that there would be a lot of people who will be WANTING  or should I say NEEDING  TODAY's  Daily Special!

Hey stress, what else ya got?! Soak all those cares away with soothing lavender & eucalyptus Dead Sea salts. 30% OFF! 

Click here for our 12 Days of Christmas video from our Founder, Nancy Bogart

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cauliflower va Potatoes????

The Honesty Series Continues . . .   Working on getting getting Healthier and not waiting until 2018.   Everything that I read tells me that Cauliflower is the best replacement for mashed potatoes.     I can eat Cauliflower,  but it does like me. 

Check out this Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes "Healthy Recipe"

So are you a Cauliflower eatter?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Join me at our Christmas  Open House

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Friday, December 1, 2017

OH MY!!!! 12 Days of Christmas from Jordan Essentials!!!!

There is SO MUCH going on here at Jordan Essentials.   A new month ALWAYS brings with it a NEW Customer Speical and a Hostess Special.   DECEMBER we are also offering the 

12 Days of Christmas

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Our most popular Lotion Bar, complete with a festive gift tag! Only $7! 

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Are you wondering "How does Magnesium Work"?

I have to say that I love our Magnesium product line. The peppermint magnesium lotion and the magnesium plus stick are two of my favorites!

We use it for so many things in our household alone:

    •           David uses for this leg cramps and to help in preventing leg cramps
    •           I use for hip and knee pain
    •           I use for headaches  and stiff neck  (tech neck)
    •           Acid Reflux 
    •           Soaking in the tub with the magnesium dead sea salts (safe for jets)
    •           LOVE, LOVE doing a Magnesium foot wrap -  my feet feel so good!

Here are some of the awesome benefits of magnesium! 

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