Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cold or Flu? What are the symptoms telling you?


Cold or Flu?    I love the below chart,  but I have to honestly say I wish that they added a column for Allergies.   Sometimes it's hard to tell the onset of seasonal allergies from a cold

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Favorite Essential Oils

When I first got interested in Essential Oils it was from an article in Prevention Magazine and I was focused on trying the TEA TREE essential oil, because I just knew it would help with my allergies, and bug bites.

But there is so much MORE!

Would you like a FREE Peppermint Essential Oil Spritzer? Comment below with one of your Essential Oil Stories, an Essential Oil that you would like to try . . and receive 1 entry into the drawing. Receive 5 entries for EACH Essential Oil that you purchase!

Drawing will be Monday January 29th at 7 am

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Men have Skin too!

Do you have wonderful men in your life?    Men NEED skincare too!      We have products for those MEN in our yummy Bergamot & Sandalwood scent.     Our premier set even has a bottle of the Magnesium Lotion included.   All products are available individually or in sets.   Including the BEARD OIL!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Boost your IMMUNE system with Essential Oils!

I'm not telling you anything NEW when I tell you that the FLU is bad this year. Those that know me well know that in the past I would catch anything that was being passed around.
However I've made a point to keeping the Immune Roll on in my purse with me all the time. Using it before going into a room full of people. Personal story: My parents have both been down with the FLU so my sister and I have been taking turns dropping by the house to check on them. I use my IMMUNE before walking in the door, just swipe it across my palm rubbing and breathing in, and putting a dab under my nose. We made it through 3 weeks without me getting the nasty flu bug. I'll keep using it to whenever I'm where other people are to continue to protect myself.
Available in Rollon, Spritzer and dropper bottle.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Skiing was not for me, but it could have been

Years ago, more years than I care to remember, when I lived in PA I went downhill skiing with my friends for the first time with a group a friends. I remember Mom made us all breakfast before the 2 car loads of us headed off. Let's just say that if I would have had a Magnesium Stick in my pocket, I might have actually stuck with it. Oh. . . I was so sore, I can still feel the pain just thinking about it!
Jordan Essential Magnesium Stick is a Beeswax base, magnesium and our headache blend (pain relief).
I have to say I keep one by my bed, one in my desk here at work and one in my purse! I just is not enough! The price is right too! At $12.00 it's a SUPER DEAL!

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Funny!

I'm not a coffee drinker,  but just had to share this funny,  as it made me giggle and after the week that I've had,  I just had to share.     People always look at me strange as those that know me know I have a crazy schedule and do not understand starting the day off at  5 am  does not require COFFEE.   I just pull out my Energy Essential Oil and continue on.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Perfect way to end your day!

Yesterday was one of those LONG DAYS for me.    I started the Day off with a "CLEAR SCHEDULE"  I did this on purpose,  as I was Chair for a Speed Networking Event last night,  and I knew that I had last minute things to do.

It seems that the UNIVERSE had something else completely planned for me.  Started the day off installing a new printer,  which threw my office into a whirlwind of paper.  Then customers seems to be dropping in left and right.   To make a long story short,  I doubled my normal step count for the day (and that was even using the golf cart here at work).

Then onto our Speed Networking Event and Silent Auction.  But when I got home it was still a little crazy. . . but TONIGHT,  as the wind comes and the temperatures drop I will be following the below steps to RELAX!