Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Skin reacts differently from Season to Season

As we are seeing changing weather all across the country, here are some tips to help your skin make it through the seasonal changes.

Cleanse! Gently cleanse with products rich in aloe like the Jordan Essentials Shower Gels -- in a variety of scents including unscented. . . for those that are bar soap people, you might like to try the bar soap with a soap sack.
Exfoliate! By exfoliating dead skin with our exclusive Salt Scrub, you will polish the skin surface and prepare it for moisturizers.

Hydrate! Soaking in Salf of the Earth Dead Sea Salts will hydrate your cells using the salts from the dead sea and advanced technology silicone elastomers. The result? 84% of wrinkles can be reduced!

Moisturize! Shea Butter nourishes deeply to repair cell damage. Use the Satin Shea Butter from Jordan Essentials for deep moisture. Top off your treatment with a natural moisture barrier, beeswax!. Our Lotion Bar blend nature's rich beeswax and amoliant oils to protect your fresh healthy skin.

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