Friday, March 14, 2008

We all love to pamper our babies . . .

When I think back to when my youngest two sisters we newborns, and then my sisters kids when they were newborns, how we pampered them. slathering them in lotion or putting "Baby Oil" on a cotton ball and just rubbing them down.

While we still love to pamper our babies, we're each looking at it differently now. Now we know that Mineral Oil, now clogs our pores and prevents our skin from breathing and stops our skin from absorbing healthy ingredients..

Now that the next generation is on it's way, I have to wonder why we never thought about a baby sucking on their little fists and ingesting "petroleum".

Jordan Essentials has had a complete "Infant Line" for a couple of years, and our "Baby Collection Premier Set" is our best selling premier set.

This set is in the Powder Fresh Scent, and comes with a Lotion Bar, Body Silk, Hair and Body Wash, Starfish Bath Buddy, 4 oz Powder Fresh Baby Butter and Baby Soap Saver.
Everything that NEW Mother Needs.
Or even one for Grandma or Auntie for when they're taking their turn at spoiling that new bundle of joy.
This set is available for $47.50 which will save your $7.00 over purchasing each item individually.
As an extra touch, for $10.00 more and 3 extra days processing. You can add the "Babies Name" or "Family Name" to the label. My niece was so excited when she received the a set with "Dante" on the label. When she called to thank me for the gift she made the comment, now they won't mix our stuff up at the Day Care!
You can even purchase one of our NEW SCENT DIFFUSERS in the powder fresh scent for the babies room.
Our Baby Products can be found at under "Country Bunny Baby"

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