Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why is Jordan's Dead Sea Salt so Special.

For years we've all heard the stories and references to the Dead Sea and the beneficial minerals that are contained there. The Jordan River flows gracefully into the Dead Sea where we find higher levels of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium than in any other body of water.

Since ancient times millions of poople have come to the Dead Sea to enjoy the essential benefits of the minerals.

Well Jordan Essetnials came out with our Dead Sea Salt Blend for the bath, I thought I would give it a try. Being a shower person I was not so sure that I would like it, but I now look forward to a little time away in a relaxing bath or a foot soak. At Jordan Essentials we have blended the old world mineral benefits with new world technology by adding a unique silicone elastomer powder that reduces wrinkling and promotes superior skin texture.

Studies show silicone elastomers can mask wrinkles up to 84%, balance pH and give skin a smooth, silky and soft feel.

We've had our Dead Sea Salts in our line for a year now, and it's quickly becoming one of our best selling products in our 8 oz tub. This is great if you use it one or two times a week. But we found that many of our customers are using it with their entire family and others much more often then the twice a week. For those we've added a new 32 oz jar for only $35.00 it's a super bargin.

For years when I was growing up my Dad would come home from work and soak in "Epsom Salts" , my husband David, now enjoys a soak with our Dead Sea Salts to ease his acking muscles.

Try some today!

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Available in all Signature, Unscented and Coastal Blue Fragrances

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