Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dead Sea Glycerin Soap

Just last weekend I was at one of the local colleges for a Health fair. I took the normal products that sell well at the Health Fairs. . . things like our Shea Butter, Unscented Products, Lavender products. I was looking forward to see how our Jordan Dead Sea Bath Salts went over. I also throw in some of our Glycerin Soaps as there is always one or two people who are interested, expecially now that we have several more to choose from.

But I was shocked, when it turned out that our Dead Sea Glycerin Soap was one of my hottest selling items! Sold out of what I had and took orders for more

Here's what some of the other reps are saying about the Dead Sea Salt Soap I have a new favorite soap!

Since the Sea Spa Dead Sea Salt Glycerin Soap came out in this last launch, I have got a new favorite. This soap is wonderful, I have been using this everyday on my eczema on my leg and it really stops the itching and leaves my leg soft and smooth. I only use this on my legs, since that is my problem area. ~Brenda~

Me too!!! I am a die hard JE shower gel girl (I usually have at least 2 large shower gels at all times in the shower), but ever since this soap came in the new products kit I have been using it and it is soooooo wonderful. I am not about to trade in my shower gels for it, but think it is an amazing soap that really smoothes and cleans the skin. ~Diane ~

I love this soap too. So much so that I'm autoshipping it so I'll never be without!!! PJ

My hubby, ds, and neighbor are all loving this soap, too. They are so happy to have a 'bar' soap. Hubby has also found it relieves his eczema. ~Deanna~

Well, I'm a shower gel person, don't use bar soaps, so the next best thing for me to trying the products is testing it on Hubby . . . . .well I had to wait until he got done with the bar of soap that was in use before he could open this on up. Well this morning was the lucky morning for that "NEW STUFF"! Well to say the very least he was impressed and informed me that it was the "BEST STUFF", and that I need to be sure to keep some extra in the closet.
Our Dead Sea Glycerin Soap can be purchased online at

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Herman said...

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