Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You learn something new every day!

We'll today is Professional Assistant's Day. This morning I ran to the Flower Shop to pick up my orders for my Staff here at work. A variety of plants and flowers, as I had to be sure that each person got something befitting their personal likes and dislikes.

Didn't have a problem with a decision until I came to "my mother", who works for me. I wanted to get her "roses" as now that I have her in another office (and they would not bother my allergies) I had to make the decision on which rose arrangement to get. Then I had "4" simular ones lined up. . . finally made my decision. Took it to the office to give to Mom. . . she was excited first because they were "roses" , was quick to add that she loved the vase. Then Mom proceeded to share a story with me that in my 50+ years of knowing, living and working with this woman was the very first time that I heard it.

Mom started off "did you know that when I was a little girl, snap dragon's were my favorite flower". I confirmed that I did not know that, then she went onto say, that she didn't remember it either, but that Grandma had reminded her of it over and over again that last couple years that she was with us. I told her that Grandma must have been watching over me, and telling me to get the snap dragons because this was the only one of the 4 I was considering with the snap dragons.

I could not believe the smile on my mom's face when I told her that. Then reality set in, how am I going to top that for Mother's Day! Then my sister reminded me of the stories of my mom going to pick black raspberry's with Grandpa when she was a little girl. . . . .

Well I guess that I'll get my mom our Jordan Essentials Mother's Day Special which is personalized "MOM" and an arrangement of Snap dragons!

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Suzanne said...

Thanks Cathy for the great post! It brought back some fond memories of my mom growing snap dragons when we were kids ;) Thanks for the smile ... my very favorite gift. *hugs* Suzanne