Monday, May 19, 2008

90's and it's only May!

What happened to SPRING? It's only May and we've already had more days in the 90's then I care to think about. Then add in the Gulf Coast Humidity and all I can say is that I'm in a contant state of "WILT". Yesterday while I was out on the range with my husband, one thought kept running through my mind "I'm Melting, I'm Melting".

Then it hit me that I had a mini-spritzer bottle with our "Sweet Cucumber Melon" scent in my brief case in the van (yes took work with me to work on during the 1 1/2 travel time each way, but that's another story). So I went and got it, spritzed myself and then dropped it in the cooler.

Dropping the spritzer in the cooler or keeping one in the fridge is one of my favorite personal pampering treats during the "HOT weather". About every 1/2 hour I found myself pulling it out of the cooler and spritzing myself. It felt so cool and wonderful, and gave me that little pick me up that I needed.

I'm one of those people who love it when a product has multi-uses. Let's see . . .
Use 1: As a personal body spritzer
Use 2: Applied cold it's great for cooling down you body after excercising or outdoor activities
Use 3: Freshening a room, always have on hand for those motel rooms
Use 4: I've been know to spray it on our wet dog, once or twice :)
Use 5: It's great to use when freshening things up in the dryer.

Our spritzer, is available in all signature scents, plus Peach Mango and Coastal Blue, you'll get 9 fluid oz for $11.00 to purchase online

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I can't believe it is the 90's there! We are in Kansas City and it is nice 75-80! I dread those hot, humid kansas days. That spritzer sounds wonderful!