Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Father's Day is just around the Corner

I hope that each of you enjoyed your Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. We had a wonderful weekend, did not get much done around the house, but did get to kick back and relax.

Now we're all looking forward to Father's Day, Graduations and a busy summer.
Some food for thought for the MEN in your life:
Take care of the men in your life it is important to remember that skin care is for men, too! Jordan Essentials skin care addresses common problem areas for guys as well.

To prevent shaving nicks or bumps, use a glycerin based soap like our Pure Glycerin and Oatmeal or Orchard Fresh soap to replace your shaving cream. The glycerin base will soothe your skin and allow your razor to glide across your face. Finish with a Jordan Essentials Daily Moisturizer or our Coastal Blue Lotion rather than an alcohol-based aftershave that can irritate and damage your skin.

Skin Firming and Age-Defying serums are perfect for women AND men. Skin Firming serum will tone skin while our Age-Defying serum with silica elastomers is perfect to target everything from skin creases to deep wrinkles.

Sore muscles from outdoor activities? A soak in Jordan Essentials mineral rich Dead Sea Salts will soothe muscles and joints and help alleviate pain from over exertion.Jordan Essentials is committed to helping you protect your skin and your family every day. Please visit our website for the best family-friendly skin care products in the world.

What would you say if you could order your Father's Day Gifts and SAVE $35.00!

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Most of us forget that "Dad" needs pampering too. Our Father's Day Gift Set comes in "Mountain Fresh" with a travel bag, salt scrub, shower gel, locking soap foamer, spritzer and body silk (great on their face after shaving).

Thank about your Dad, your husband, grandfather and your college bound student, or your family member in the service!

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