Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I was asked: Do men need pampering. . .

I was at a Health Fair recently, and at the booth next to me was a Gentleman representing one of the State of Texas Health Programs. It's not unusual when you have a booth set up at an event to almost learn the presentation for the booth next to yours, mind you I said almost.

Late in the afternoon, he asked me if I would mind answering a few questions for him honestly. Told him I always try to be honest in my answers. . . . then he started laying out the questions one by one.

What product is it you say your Dad stole from you. I then explained that I let my Dad use my Unscented Lip cube, because his nose was raw from a cold and it worked so well for him that he kepts it for future use. Then I explained that when Dad was on Oxygen in the Hospital his nose would get raw and it helped there also.

The next question was What about the Yuckie soap. I proceeded to tell him that my husband is a bar soap man, and I for one don't like the way soap gets Yuckie in soap dish and that I was talking about our wonderful Soap Sacks so that the soap can be used and hung getting rid of that Yuckie Soap bottom.

Then it was, what do you mean Men get addicted. Again I needed to explain that I have many men who use our Lotion Bars for their feet. Since they wear work boots and cowboy boots regularlly and their feet are dry and crackin, some to the point of bleeding. I found that many of my male customers will go through a lotion bar a lot quicker then the women, as once they start using it and see the improvement in their feet they are more addicted to it's use then any of my lady customers. I went on to explain further, that many of the men will start off with the unscented, or one of our two men's fragrances, then move onto some of the other fragrances.

They didn't stop there, Tell me about the kid and the fish. Had to stop for a moment on that one then realized that I had shared a story about one of my TEAM joining. She had put a jar of salt scrub by the sink in the mud room for her husband to use when he came in from fishing. It seems that in an attempt at Father / Child bonding they felt that maybe they needed to include the youngest which was a girl who was dead seat against "bonding" because of the stinky fishy small that got on everyone's hands. But when Daddy used the "Salt Scrub" the fishy smell was gone, so she was eager to go on the next "bonding trip. I then explained that my husband gets dirty and greasy at work, and that he uses the Salt Scrub when he gets home to help remove that grease and grime.

Then before he could ask any more questions, I offered to give him a hand pampering and when all was done, he commented that he never thought his hands would need pampering, but they felt wonderful, and his purchases made for the biggest sale that I had that day.

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