Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do you find. . . .

. . . that some of the products that you may offer run in cycles. I've noticed that of late a couple of weeks back everyone was ordering "body silk", it's great for summer. Then in the past week or so it's been our "facial products".

One of my customers ordered some toner mist, and explained to me why she wanted to try it, she tried some several years ago when her husband was on a couple of "Dallas" episodes, and that she's been looking for something simular ever since. The last week I received the following email from her . . .

Hi Cathy,
I really like the toner mist.........what I found so amazing is that even after you cleanse your face, and think you did a great job washing off your makeup, you still see on the cotton ball that your face was not totally clean of makeup. If you think it is ok, I will give your product a plug at the ABWA meeting.

Of course I gave her the OK to give me a plug. Then later that same week a group of ladies took a "road trip" and when we got to the motel we were ready to just fall into bed, but I had my facial products in the bathroom, and everyone in our suite choose to give them a try vs dragging their own stuff out of their suitcases. Needless to say, each had placed an order for some or all of our facial products.

When I got back home there were a couple of orders waiting for me for the "Toner Mist" and "Facial Scrub".

Our "Toner Mist" is enriched with silk proteins that gently pull and provide an instant tightening while leaving the skin soft and supple. Its cool and refreshing and enriched with our Phyto Essential blend and your face really does feel nourished instantly. It's a great value as a little bit goes a long way to making your face (and you) happy.

I can't wait to see what the next "cycle" of product sales will be

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Anonymous said...

Hello Cathy, congratulations on your product recognition, interesing that products have a cycle (trend) similar to clothing.

As a new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I'm going to start watching the trends.