Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School: Avoiding Colds and Flu

School has already started here in Houston, and it definately means that the "Creepy Crud" will soon follow. Our little darlings seem to want to share the cold and flu germs not only with other Children but with Mom and Dad too.

Since my Dad's double heart attack, by-pass and all the related stuff we went through for over a year, I pay more attention to these things, and about wanting to keep the "Creepy Crud Bugs" away from him. We thought as most people do that the "instant hand sanitizers" where the answer until we were told at the hopsital they're good as a quick stop gap, but remember that they also kill the good bacteria, not just the bad bacteria.

Yesterday our local news station ran a spot on "Keep your Kids healthy Tips" in which hand washing was promoted as the BEST option to fighting "Creep Crud". I went to their site to check out the news, and they had a wonderful link with some great tips to "Keeping your Kids Healthy"

Now I know that my Nephews always have to be reminding to stop what they are doing and wash their hands, as do many children. I've sent each of my sisters a bottle of Nitty Gritty Hand Wash (and have one set up here at the office too). As my niece told me it smells great. I even set a bottle in my Husband's Bathroom to see how it works on his grease from work . . will keep you posted on this one.

Nitty Gritty Hand Wash, cleans up the messiest hands with a fresh sweet smell. Perfect exfoliation for kids, crafters and outdoors people. $10.00 You'll find it under Bath Products on our website

Just depress the top any you're ready to go. A little goes a long way.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The "EYE's" have it!

My eyes are something that I don't normally think about as they are hidden behind my glasses, and of course when I take my glasses off I don't see very much. So about the only time I give my eyes some thought is when they are tired, or weeping from allergies.

Earlier this month I was at an ABWA meeting and they had a plastic surgen as the guest speaker, and I was totally surprised by the number of women that had questions about their eyes. For all different reasons, not just wrinkles or bags.

So when I realized that we were coming out with some "EYE" products I was so excited and could not wait to try them. Then it was mentioned to me that many of the ladies have been using our Skin Firming Serum and our Age Defying Serum on their eyes. Now I've been using both on my face and never once thought of using them on my eye lids (I am now).

Two NEW products for the "EYES" have just come out Rejuvenating Cucumber Eye Treatment (infused with cucumber extract for a great anti-inflammatory treatement to reduce puffiness) and Time Rewind Eye Cream (Infused with grape sead, olive squalane and silicone elastomers). I tried both for the first time and let me tell you that I did not realize what I was missing.

The first time that I put on the Rejuvenating Cucumber Eye Mask I was worried because my eyes seem to react to even eye makeup. But there were no problems, just a cool tingling feeling, left it on for a few minutes and my eyes felt so much better. I'm going to use it at least once a week. Another JE Rep has had some real bags under her eyes since I've known her, she's using the Rejuvenating Cucumber Eye Mask several times a week and you can see the difference, of course she's combining it with the Time Rewind Eye Cream. Just a little dab on each eye lid and under the eyes and rub it in, this is a daily use product.

TIP: Do be sure that when rubbing your eyes you use your "ring" finger (so that you don't provide too much pressure) and start from the outside of your eyes towards your nose

September Special!

During the Month of September you can receive a FREE jar of Time Rewind Eye Cream, a $25.00 value (and priceless for your eyes) when you purchase a Face Collection in normal/oily or dry.

Friday, August 22, 2008

B'day Special This Weekend!

We're Celebrating our Founders
40th B'day.

So we thought we would share with you her favorite Products!

I love the Relaxing Olive Butter especially on my feet before bed!I

love the New Time Rewind Eye Cream. Let's face it - you CAN look Fab & 40!

I love the Pearberry Lotion Bar as my all time fave Lotion Bar fragrance!

I love the Daily Moisturizer because it is the perfect before makeup and bed' moisturizer!

I love the Rockin' Raspberry Lip Gloss because I am Young at Heart!

Special B'Day Bonus

Purchase $100.00 in products between

12:00 Noon Friday 8/22/08 and Midnight Sunday

central time zone

will receive a FREE Rockin' Raspberry Lip Gloss!

Order online

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's CONTEST Time!



As I've mentioned in a previous Post, I am SO EXCITED about the our NEW Product Launch. Officially launch August 16th, but at a PRE-Launch Party there was so much excitement that the Jordan Essentials home office decided to Launch a week early.

So to CELEBRATE I'm hosting a Contest for our NEW Catalog Launch.


Grand Prize: KIWI Gift Basket $50.00 Value
$10.00 Gift Certificate
Peach Mango Body Silk
Tube of Shea Butter: Scent of Choice
Lotion Bar: Scent of Choice

Each prize will be draw from the entries and mailed to the WINNER


2 Entries for each comment posted on my blog
2 Entires for each $10 of purchases on my website
3 Bonus Entries for Subscribing to my Blog email:
3 Bonus Entries for each Item of our New Release Purchased
5 Bonus Entries for each $50.00 purchase
10 Bonus Entries for attending the Houston Product Launch
10 Bonus Entries for Booking a Spa Show during Aug or Sept
10 Bonus Entries for Joining my Jordan Essentials TEAM

The contest starts TODAY August 9, 2008 and will end at Midnight Central Time Zone on August 23, 2008. At which time one Winner will be drawn for each prize.

Ohhhh the FALL PRODUCTS are here!

This is the best Product Launch since I've been with the company

The Catalog is now available in PDF and can be viewed via the clicking on the catalog for following link . (You can still have a copy mailed to you, just send me a request to

In this catalog you will find the same great products, plus some wonderful new ones
ALL NEW Products are designated with "NEW" so they are easy to spot. I can't wait till our "Official Product Launch" which will be held in Houston on August 16th . . we'll get to try ALL the NEW products.

New Items Include:

Lip Exfoliant & Jojoba Lip Gloss
Rockin' Raspberry Lip Gloss
Gentle exfoliating cream
Revitalizing Eye Cream
Rejuvenating Cucumber Eye Pillow
Rejuvenating Phyto Face Mask
White Tea and Ginger Reed Diffuser
Nitty Gritty Hand Wash
Citrus Kitchen Collection
Relaxing Bedside Collection
Clay Mask
SPF Lip Treatment
Orders can be placed online NOW at or by contacting me directly via email at

Friday, August 8, 2008

Vanilla Cream

Several times in the past, I've mentioned that product sales seem to go in Cycles, and while we're only a few Days into the Month of August, I've already seen a Rush on Vanilla Cream.

While I too love the smell of Vanilla in my home, it's not my preference to wear. But almost every sale this month included something from our Vanilla Cream Scent line. One of my customers has started her Holiday Shopping and purchased 2 five packs of Vanilla Cream Lotion Bars.

I've done a little research, and loo and behold, Vanilla is the most popular Gift Giving Scent.
Curiorisity may have killed the cat, but it just helps me to grow and share the information that I learn.

By the way, the 5 packs are a great way to stretch those shopping dollars, save you $5.00 over purchasing them individually.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Salons can be scary places

About a year or so ago, I had the opportunity to hear a local politician speak about the trials and tribulations she had in breaking through the political glass ceiling in a Texas Small town, typically run through the "good ole boy" network.

A few months ago I was amazed to hear that she had passed away. When I heard more about it in the news, they were talking that it was an infection that she picked up at the Salon when she went to get her feet done. Made me ever so glad that I use our products on my feet daily and don't need to go to a salon for that.

This whole mess came to mind when I received and email to an article titled 9 Diseases You can Get from the SALON.

It talks about Mad cow disease, hepatitis, fungus, even stroke—these can all result from a day of relaxation and beautification at the salon. Beauty is only skin deep, but you're going to have to look beyond the surface to make sure your next trip to the beauty parlor leaves you pampered and free of these nine frightening health risks.

Several of my customers tell me that they will take their Jordan Essentials products to the Salon with them when they go. I for one love the flexibility of pampering in the privacy of my home on my time schedule.

What do you put on a Burn?

Personally I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm told that hot coffee or tea is really the thing to drink after eating a meal. Me, I do prefer something cold, and yesterday while out at a luncheon I really wish that everyone at my table drank something cold.
The waiter was pouring coffee and some spilled and got hot coffee on the "lady" to my left and on me. He was sorry, but that didn't keep either of us from going Ouchy, Ouchy.

I pulled out a sample of shea butter from my purse and gave it to her, and she put some on the burn, as I did. But I'm used to putting shea butter on kitchen burns and curling iron burns (which do happen from time to time at 5am). Didn't think anything more of it.

Then I received a call telling me how wonderful the Shea butter was and that it took all the sting out and she wanted to order some.
Over the years, I've had numerous customers and a few new TEAM Members get excited about how GREAT our Shea Butter, works on their burns. From Sun Burns, to Rug Burns,