Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School: Avoiding Colds and Flu

School has already started here in Houston, and it definately means that the "Creepy Crud" will soon follow. Our little darlings seem to want to share the cold and flu germs not only with other Children but with Mom and Dad too.

Since my Dad's double heart attack, by-pass and all the related stuff we went through for over a year, I pay more attention to these things, and about wanting to keep the "Creepy Crud Bugs" away from him. We thought as most people do that the "instant hand sanitizers" where the answer until we were told at the hopsital they're good as a quick stop gap, but remember that they also kill the good bacteria, not just the bad bacteria.

Yesterday our local news station ran a spot on "Keep your Kids healthy Tips" in which hand washing was promoted as the BEST option to fighting "Creep Crud". I went to their site to check out the news, and they had a wonderful link with some great tips to "Keeping your Kids Healthy"

Now I know that my Nephews always have to be reminding to stop what they are doing and wash their hands, as do many children. I've sent each of my sisters a bottle of Nitty Gritty Hand Wash (and have one set up here at the office too). As my niece told me it smells great. I even set a bottle in my Husband's Bathroom to see how it works on his grease from work . . will keep you posted on this one.

Nitty Gritty Hand Wash, cleans up the messiest hands with a fresh sweet smell. Perfect exfoliation for kids, crafters and outdoors people. $10.00 You'll find it under Bath Products on our website

Just depress the top any you're ready to go. A little goes a long way.

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