Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The "EYE's" have it!

My eyes are something that I don't normally think about as they are hidden behind my glasses, and of course when I take my glasses off I don't see very much. So about the only time I give my eyes some thought is when they are tired, or weeping from allergies.

Earlier this month I was at an ABWA meeting and they had a plastic surgen as the guest speaker, and I was totally surprised by the number of women that had questions about their eyes. For all different reasons, not just wrinkles or bags.

So when I realized that we were coming out with some "EYE" products I was so excited and could not wait to try them. Then it was mentioned to me that many of the ladies have been using our Skin Firming Serum and our Age Defying Serum on their eyes. Now I've been using both on my face and never once thought of using them on my eye lids (I am now).

Two NEW products for the "EYES" have just come out Rejuvenating Cucumber Eye Treatment (infused with cucumber extract for a great anti-inflammatory treatement to reduce puffiness) and Time Rewind Eye Cream (Infused with grape sead, olive squalane and silicone elastomers). I tried both for the first time and let me tell you that I did not realize what I was missing.

The first time that I put on the Rejuvenating Cucumber Eye Mask I was worried because my eyes seem to react to even eye makeup. But there were no problems, just a cool tingling feeling, left it on for a few minutes and my eyes felt so much better. I'm going to use it at least once a week. Another JE Rep has had some real bags under her eyes since I've known her, she's using the Rejuvenating Cucumber Eye Mask several times a week and you can see the difference, of course she's combining it with the Time Rewind Eye Cream. Just a little dab on each eye lid and under the eyes and rub it in, this is a daily use product.

TIP: Do be sure that when rubbing your eyes you use your "ring" finger (so that you don't provide too much pressure) and start from the outside of your eyes towards your nose

September Special!

During the Month of September you can receive a FREE jar of Time Rewind Eye Cream, a $25.00 value (and priceless for your eyes) when you purchase a Face Collection in normal/oily or dry.

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