Thursday, August 7, 2008

Salons can be scary places

About a year or so ago, I had the opportunity to hear a local politician speak about the trials and tribulations she had in breaking through the political glass ceiling in a Texas Small town, typically run through the "good ole boy" network.

A few months ago I was amazed to hear that she had passed away. When I heard more about it in the news, they were talking that it was an infection that she picked up at the Salon when she went to get her feet done. Made me ever so glad that I use our products on my feet daily and don't need to go to a salon for that.

This whole mess came to mind when I received and email to an article titled 9 Diseases You can Get from the SALON.

It talks about Mad cow disease, hepatitis, fungus, even stroke—these can all result from a day of relaxation and beautification at the salon. Beauty is only skin deep, but you're going to have to look beyond the surface to make sure your next trip to the beauty parlor leaves you pampered and free of these nine frightening health risks.

Several of my customers tell me that they will take their Jordan Essentials products to the Salon with them when they go. I for one love the flexibility of pampering in the privacy of my home on my time schedule.

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