Thursday, August 7, 2008

What do you put on a Burn?

Personally I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm told that hot coffee or tea is really the thing to drink after eating a meal. Me, I do prefer something cold, and yesterday while out at a luncheon I really wish that everyone at my table drank something cold.
The waiter was pouring coffee and some spilled and got hot coffee on the "lady" to my left and on me. He was sorry, but that didn't keep either of us from going Ouchy, Ouchy.

I pulled out a sample of shea butter from my purse and gave it to her, and she put some on the burn, as I did. But I'm used to putting shea butter on kitchen burns and curling iron burns (which do happen from time to time at 5am). Didn't think anything more of it.

Then I received a call telling me how wonderful the Shea butter was and that it took all the sting out and she wanted to order some.
Over the years, I've had numerous customers and a few new TEAM Members get excited about how GREAT our Shea Butter, works on their burns. From Sun Burns, to Rug Burns,

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