Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Holiday 50 by 50

Holiday 50/50 Drawing . . . . every Fall I announce my Annual 50 by 50 drawing. I prepare a Poster with 50 SQUARES on it. They're numbered 1 through 50. Then when I have a customer that orders more then $50.00 in products they get to pick one of the open squares to have their name added, and you get one for each $50.00 in product that is ordered.

Then when ALL 50 squares are filled, I cut it up and have a drawing for a WINNER who will WIN $50.00 in Jordan Essentials Products . . . your choice of products! The Perfect way to stretch those Holiday Shopping Dollars . . .

The great part is, when these 50 are full, we'll just start a NEW Drawing! This will continue through the end of the year!

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