Friday, September 26, 2008

How Much Lip Gloss and Lip Stick do you eat?

The average woman in America eats 6 pounds of lip stick and gloss in a lifetime!

Think about it . . . you lick your lips; everything you eat goes past those pink petals and the gloss goes with it! Jordan Essentials uses healthy jojoba oil and natural flavorings to make your lip care essentially perfect to eat.

Begin with the new lip exfoliant made with jojoba beads and sugar to gently get rid of dead skin on the lips. Gentle care for your lips will help with chapping and wind burn all through the winter and fall months. Enjoy one little tub of exfoliant and soft lips all winter.

Smooth on the lip gloss with confidence!

Choose from the Jojoba Lip Gloss in the stylish new twist up gloss pen and have no fear about eating mineral oil or waxes that are not healthy for you. Mineral oil warns that if a baby ingests the oil, it can coat their lungs and they could suffocate.
Why put it on your lips?
Try some of our other Lip Products:
Rockin' Raspberry Lip Gloss. Again made with heathy jojoba oil and raspberry flavor for a fun gloss for girls of every age.
Our Lip Bar is like a lotion bar for your lips. Beeswax, Vitamin E and essential oils take good care of your lips with no gloss at all. Throw out the chap stick and choose a mini lip tube. The Lip Bar in twist up tube form is here! Mint, For Him, Kids, Teen Mango and now SPF 15 in tropical fruit will enrich your lips the healthy way!
Please give me a call to try all of these healthy treatments before harsh winter sets in! I love to treat, spoil and pamper you.

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