Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gifts under $5.00

Gifts Under $5.00!

Earlier this week I was at a meeting and one of the topics of discussion for those of us with several children in school, we need something under $5.00 that can be practical without putting us broke.

I could list several options right off the top of my head, but I've gone through our catalog and compiled this wonderful list of GIFTS UNDER $5.00

FACIAL BRUSH -- $2.50 Gentle exfoliating brush -- baby soft and refreshed

Soap Sack -- $2.50 This hand little sack helps you extend the life of your soap and creates extra lather (and helps keep you from getting the soap dish yuckies)

Bath Scrunchie -- $3.50 These are soft and used with one's favorite shower Gel or salt scub they lather wonderfully.

Mini Lip Tubes -- $3.50 Great for soft lips in a mini tube, Mint, Peach Mango or Banana (Mint Lip Tubes can be purchased in a 5 pack that will save you even more.

Shea Butter Bath Bomb Gift Card -- $4.00 variety of scents -- this is a wonderful way to kick back and relax

Mini Foamer -- $4.00 This is wonderful, mix 1/4 shower get and 3/4 water and you always have something to wash your hands with, even without water. Perfect for travel.

SPF 15 Tropical Fruit -- $4.50 Same great lip protection but with added Sun protection

Spa Gloves -- $4.50 Remove dull skin with the stroke of your hand -- spa quality treatment at home

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