Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Most Popular Gift Set!

On many occassions in the past, I have had the opportunity to give our "Country Bunny Infant Premier Set" (it's our best selling set). I was debating whether I should get a set for my Nephews #2 son that is about ready to make his appearance into the world or if I should get them something else that I know they may need, as like with most young people starting a family, things or tight for them.

I happened to ask my sister what they were going to name the baby. When my sister told me, I first ask if my nephew was "mentaly incapacated in anyway". Then my siser said that he wanted an "old" family name. It just happens to be one that will take the poor kid until high school to learn to fit it onto one line of paper!

I quickly counted the letters in "Vladimir" and decided that not only will the baby receive our "Country Bunny Infant Set" , but that it would also be personalized so that the baby could start visualizing what his name looks like, not to mention that it's not a name that we will be able to find readily available in Childerns personalized items, without custom order.
This set includes: All of your favorites for your new little bunny! Lotion Bar, Body Silk, Hare & Body Wash, 4oz. Baby Butter, Starfish Bath Buddy. *FREE Baby Soap Saver included with purchase of set. (does not come filled) Save $7.00 with this purchase!

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