Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Fun, rough on the SKIN. . .

This Memorial Day weekend is always considered the "kick off" to Summer, but summer can really be tough on the skin. I've had several of my regular customers contact me that they needed to stock up on the shea butter and lotion bars, because time spent in the Garden or in the Pool are already bringing forth skin problems and they need to get control before summer really kicks into gear.

Personally, I've been working out, loosing weight and spending a lot of time walking and jogging in the pool at the Gym, and I noticed that I too have to pay closer attention to my hands and feet.

The Shea Butter works great at healing those super dry areas and the lotion bar for sealing in that natural moisture.

It's hard to believe that we work so hard to drink enough water to keep our body hydrated, but yet water can be such an enemy to the outside of our skin.

It's important to take care of your self, both inside and out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Special!
Summer Family Fun and Jordan Essentials!

Exclusive Purse Size Sunscreen, Cucumber Melon Body Silk, and Cucumber Melon Hydrating Body Spritzer!
This special collection for this special weekend is a valued at $30 but is on sale for only $15!
You are set for the family bar-b-que and Memorial Services across the country.
This is a spectacular sale and it only lasts until Monday, May 25th. Take advantage of the special for yourself and for gifts. In Houston, we need sunscreen all year around - and since the heat of the summer is on our doorstep the body silk and the spritzer help refresh even on the hottest and most humid of days.

Plus all purchases this weekend enter into a drawing for $100.00 in FREE JORDAN ESSENTIALS PRODUCTS!

Every single order placed from May 20th through May 25th will be placed into the drawing. Customers and Consultants will be eligible. Example: Invoice # 123456 is placed on the website by a customer. Both the Customer's and the Consultant's names will be placed in the drawing.

Many will enter, only one will win. Who will it be? Customer or Consultant? Everyone is a winner at Jordan Essentials!

On Memorial Day, we remember those who died to protect our freedom! Jordan Essentials thanks ALL of our Military Service Members.

Go to www.jordanrep.com/3854 click on the "Current Specials" box which directs you to this special, the Father's Day Special and the Military Appreciation Special.

With this being Memorial Day, don't forget the special men and women in the Armed Forces by adding an unscented lotion bar to your order. See Below. . .

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This one is for the guys!

Father's Day Camo Special!
A great basic collection for the men.
Unscented Camo Bar for those rough hands.
Unscented Shower Gel for a clean fella.
Scrunchie for soft skin in the shower.

This collection is exclusively available until June 22nd for only $20.00! Item # 68537

Special Announcement!


Nancy (founder of Jordan Essentials) has been named one of the top Mom's in Business in America!

Out of thousands of applicants you voted Nancy into one of the top spots of #59! Nancy will be featured on the website Leading Mom's in Business.

"Moms across America were honored in this year’s ranking, showing that they’re capable of starting and running successful businesses while managing to balance family, career, home and self," said Rich Sloan, co-founder of StartupNation. "Well over 600,000 votes were cast in support of several thousand contestants. What an incredible achievement to be named a winner, and what an inspiration.”

Friday, May 8, 2009

Multi Hostess Spa Party
Mark the Date: July 30th 2009
Houston TX
I supply the Snacks, Door Prizes and Location
You bring along several of your friends for some fun, pampering, bingo and Hostess Benefits!
If you are interested in being a hostess or just wish to attend, please contact me directly for more information CathyJELady@gmail.com

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last weekend was exciting for me, as I was out of town with my Husband, and of course many times there's not a lot to do in the evenings at the motel. It has been so hot out at the range, and everyone was just dragging.
I pulled out my facial set, that I always carry with me, and invited some of the other wives and we had a facial in the motel room. It was fun, a lot of great bonding, and we all felt refreshed and ready to take on the world in just 15 minutes.
As I age my skin has changed from Oil to Dry and it had been hard to find the facial line that worked for me, then when Jordan Essentials came out with our face line a couple of years ago it was like they had my personal needs in mind. They have been expanding it with some great products like eye cream, Green Tea Facial Mask, Cucumber Eye Mask.
We have two great systems:
"Basic Face Care System" includes Gentle Cleanser with Travel Soap Saver, choice of Gentle Exfoliant or Spa Polish, Toner Mist, Detoxifying Clay Mask, choice of Moisturizer, New Shea Cherry Lip butter and free Cosmetic Bag ($70.00)
"Everyday Face Care System" Basic Face Care System with your choice of trageted treatment: Skin Firming Serum, Age-Defying Serum or Time Rewind Eye Cream. $90.00 ..thats a $5.00 savings.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Become a Bathing Beauty . . .

I've been working hard at loosing weight, and have even set up a blog, because a lot of my friends wanted to know what I was doing. http://DWordLifeStyle.blogspot.com.
Part of my "Life Style" change includes reading and learning more about the foods that I eat, working more exercise into the day and so forth. Densie Austin's website and newsletters really help. They're down to earth and simple things that a "normal" person can do.
This morning there was an article in her newsletter that I wanted to share with you that has some great info to be shared with those just looking to releave stress . . . .

Feel Great!
Become a Bathing Beauty!

Denise Austin's Morning Stretch www.deniseaustin.com

There's nothing like a hot shower or bath before crawling into bed at night. And did you know that establishing a before-bed bathing routine can actually help you make the most of your z's? That's right! When you take a warm bath or shower, your body temperature rises while you're in the water, and it gradually cools once you step out. That change in temperature makes you drowsy and sends a signal to your brain that it's time to go to sleep.

A soothing shower or bath also relaxes your muscles, which also sets you up for a good night's rest. And the time spent lathering up can act as an effective buffer between the whirl of your everyday life and your bed — a place where all that anxiety doesn't belong!

Try it tonight! Take a warm shower, using some of your favorite. yummy-smelling bath products. Then change into your softest pajamas and climb into your bed, made up with fresh, cool sheets. Enjoy! The night is yours for a long, lovely sleep.

I am going to give it a try tonight with our Dead Sea's Bath Salts.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Foamers are one of our products that I use as prizes and give aways. I point it out to customers that are purchasing our shower gels, and our mini foamer to those that have little ones, or travel a lot.

I was doing a show this weekend when I was pointing out the foamer to a potentially new customer (who liked the one that I had set up in the ladies room) when one of my customers showed up and started bragging that her hubby loved it, and the boys were actually using it. I had a SALES RUSH on our FOAMERS.

I've always liked them because I could lock them closed and carry them with me to do shows, but was nicer, it's a Money Saver. Why you may ask . .

1. For those that believe that if a "Little is Good, More is better" They don't use as much product.

2. I fill the foamers about 1/4 with the shower gel, and rest with water, it lasts so much longer.

3. It seems that the little hands seem to wash much more often thus cutting down on the "yuck" that they share.

Why not look at adding one or more to your next order. . . . www.jordanrep.com/3854 under bath products.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a GREAT way to say THANK YOU
to those that are SERVING our COUNTRY!

Our Military Thank YOU program has two great Options for saying THANK YOU! Add a lotion bar to any order (or a standby itself order), for $5.00 and Jordan Essentials will ship the Thank You for your Service Lotion Bar, signed by a child at a local Nixa MO grade school. This shipping will be at no cost to you. Item # 11051

Option 2 is that you purchase the Thank You for your Service Lotion Bar for $5.00 plus tax and shipping and you give it the the Military Person of your choosing. Item # 11052

Help us get a Thank You for your Service Lotion Bar into the hands of everyone of those serving our country.

order online at www.jordanrep.com/3854 or contact me directly.

These special lotion bars are non-commissionable for the representatives -- please help us show our support!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check out My April Jordan Essentials Contest

Now through Tuesday, April 28th at 6 am

Black Raspberry Vanilla & Olive Oil Glycerin Saop

I have 4 shows scheduled over the next 5 days, but they're all in the greater Houston Area

4/23/09 -- Houston Area Councial of American Business Women's Association
West Houston

4/25/09 -- Houston Wahms Shopping Extravaganza http://www.houstonwahms.org/
SE Houston

4/26/09 -- Mommy & Me --Legends Sports Complex, The Woodlands
The Woodlands, TX

4/27/09 -- The Federation of Houston Professional Women
Galleria Area

For those who can not attend or are out of the area there are
TWO ways that you can enter this CONTEST

Purchase online between NOW and April 28th at 6 AM -- and receive
THREE entries for each dollar in purchases


comment on the postings on this BLOG and receive
ONE entry for each comment left

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Specials

I've been so caught up in my Niece's wedding, and trying to control what might possibly be called "Bridezilla" that I didn't realize the Mother's Day was quickly approaching until I received the Notice that we have two Wonderful Mother's Day gift sets available and a super price.

Relax Mom or Mom, how does your garden grow!
The Relaxation Gift set is perfect for a Mom who is alwyas giving. Bubble bath, Lotion and Moisturizing Socks will help Mom feel appreicated and loved. This set includes: Moisturizing pair of socks, Purse Size Relaxing fragrance Body Lotion, Bubble Bath/Shower Gel, Spritzer and unscented 4 oz salt scrub.
The Mom, how does your garden grow set is perfect for your Gardener. SPF 15 lip care protects while in the garden planting the seed packet, included. Mom will enjoy exfoliating her hands after wroking the garden. A Great muscle soak mineral bath and Moisturizing hand lotion are the perfect treat to say I love you Mom. Includes: See packet, Oatmeal Milk and Honey Mineral Bath, Oatmeal Milk and Honey Purase size body lotion, SPF 15 Lip Care Tube, and unscented 4 oz salt scrub only $25.00

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unscented Products!
Did you know that Jordan Essentials carries a complete line of "UNSCENTED" products.
We're one of the few, that offer this option for our customers. I've seen an increase in sales in this "scent" or should I say "unscent". The reasons differ from person to person.
Many are men, who just want to be sure that the "guys" don't know that they're using that "sissy" stuff. Others are those that do not wish to have their lotion scents mix with their perfumes.
Others still have "work rules" in place about not wearing scents to work. When one of my customers told me that they were not allowed to wear scents at the "school district" for the comfort of all "co-workers" I was shocked. Then it was brought to my attention again that a lot of the people who work at the local "Chemical Plants" are also restricted from wearing "scents".
Many others have allergies and opt for the unscented. Then there is the "mamma to be" who just can't handle scents of any kind during her 9 months of waiting for her new arrival.
Jordan Essentials offers unscented Lotion Bars, Salt Scrub, Shea Butter, Shower Gel, Dead Sea Bath Salts, soap and Body Silk.
Check out my online store for more information.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hair Care Products!
Most people know about our wonderful bath and body products, but did you know that Jordan Essentials has a wonderful hair care line.

We have had Shampoo and Leave In Conditioners for some time, however with our Spring Product Release, we released several other additions to this line. Two that I tried for the first time this week.

They knocked my socks off, and what surprised me even more is that my hubby noticed and even commented that my hair smelled wonderful, and that it just make him want to hug me. Well I don't know about you, but hugs are always GOOD!

The New Packaging is so easy to use, JUST PUMP!

Your choices include:

Shampoo . . . Original Formula -- Mild Clarifying Formula 8 oz
Shampoo . . . Moisturizing Formula -- Color Safe for all Hair Types 8 oz
Daily Conditioner . . . For Silky Soft Hair 8 oz
Spray Conditioner . . . Leave in Formula 4 oz
Hair Mask . . . Deep Conditioning Enriched with Shea 2 oz

All of our products can be purchased at my webstore

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes you too can have Soft Lips . . . .

This past weekend I spent 3 1/2 days out in the sun with my Husband out at the range for an annual competition that we do. This was an interesting weekend end as we had beautiful weather, breezy, even if a little hot.

Here in Texas everything is in full BLOOM. . . including the TREES and fields that we were in. While the Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brushes were beautiful. . . I was very relaxed and happy but my nose whas not a happy camper. Allergies were in high gear.

Over the years, when I add up 3 1/2 days in the sun, wind and allergies my lips have been a mess, and our Saturday night banquet pictures always showed flaking lips.

What did I do differently you may wonder. Several things. First I worked hard at staying hydrated (something that I always have to fight). Next I applied our Unscented SPF 15 Shea Butter lip tube. I personally like the unscented but we also carry SPF 15 in Tropical Fruit. $4.50 per single tube or purchase a 5 pack of SPF 15 for $20.00 and save!

Customer Appreciation Drawing: Just for my customers ~ Everyone purchasing a SFP 15 - 5 pack in Unscented or Tropical Fruit will be entered into a drawing for a "FREE Lip Exfoliant". The winner will be drawn on Thusrday April 30th at Noon Central Time. One Winner will be chosen. Valid 3/25/09 through noon 4/30/09

Our mini tubes fit just about anywhere, which make them perfect for outside activities such as gardening, golfing, running

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm in LOVE!!!!

I placed my personal order for Jordan Essentials the other day, as I have two baby showers coming up and wanted to order Personalized Sets with the Babies name, but threw in a couple of my items that I needed to restock on.

Since starting to use Jordan Essentials I personally have been torn between the SHEA BUTTER that I absolutely LOVE, and the BODY SILK that just pumped out of the bottle. Part of our NEW SPRING LINE is a lotion that combines the SHEA BUTTER and the SILK in a pump bottle. As soon as I opened the box I tried my new bottle of HAND and BODY LOTION. I can honestly say that I JUST LOVE IT!

All over body moisturizing lotion enriched with silk proteins and botanical ingredients of aloe, sunflower oil and shea butter. Great for use after a shower or as a hand lotion during the day.

It comes in all of signature scents Sweet Cucumber Melon (my favorite), Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Coconut Papaya (New Scent), Grapefruit & Lime, Lavender & Eucalyptus, Pearberry, Sea Spa, Vanilla Cream, Vine Ripened Honeysuckle, White Tea & Ginger (New Scent), Coastal Blue (men's line) and of course Unscented. 9 oz for $14.00 plus shipping and handling.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Soak Away Stress
This weekend I received my "Great Health" magazine and one of the feature articles was about Soaking Away Stress.
I have to agree with their statement that there is "Nothing like a bath for healing both body and soul". I was expecting a lot of the same information that we all know about the bath, but what I learned was where the word "SPA" began. . . sanitas per aquas "healing through water". A slogan coined by Emperor Nero to support the great Roman bath projects
The article goes on to say . . soaking in a tub full of warm water allows healing ingredients in bath salts and oils to soften yourskin and soothe you spirit. Ant the steam from a warm bath creates a healing aroma-theraby vapor . . . .
I know that I just love it when I have the opportunity to just soak in a bath . . . now with TWO wonderful bath products I can be in total heaven in just minutes. . .
Another fun fact pointed out in the article "The ancient Greeks, who used salt for medicinal purposes, soaked in sea water to treat a variety of ailments, including digestive problems and arthritis.
Here are some great suggestions for the Jordan Essentials product lines . . .
Sore -Muscle Soother Try our Dead Sea Bath Salts -- Soothing Muscle therapy. Higher levels of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium are found in the Dea Sea Salt than any other salt. We blend beneficial salts with a hydrating wrinkle reducer that can reduce wrinkles up to 84%. Customers share it is very soothing for eczema and psoriasis. Available in both 8 and 32 oz sizes. Available in Signature Fragrances and Unscented. White Tea with Ginger and Lavender Eucalyptus are two of our most popular scents.
Stress Reducer Try our Fizzing Mineral Bath one of our NEW Products. . . Soothing, effervescent and perfect to sak away your stress. Enriched with beneficial minerals: Dead Sea Salt, antioxidants, moisturizers in a fizzing formula. See my last posting for more information.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's always so exciting to see what NEW products the TEAM at Jordan Essentials is going to develop, one of our NEWEST products is
Fizzing Mineral Bath

Soothing effervescent and perfect to soak away your stress. Enriched with beneficial minerals: dead sea salt, antioxidants (grapeseed oil) and moisturizers (shea butter) in a fizzing formula. Watch your cares float away! (limited fragrances)
8 oz bag $10.00
Honeysuckle, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Pearberrry, Grapefruit & Lime
Sea Spa, Lavender and Eucalyptus & Vanilla Cream

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Missing In Action

WOW, I had not realised that it has been so long since I updated my blog. I guess you could say that I was "Missing in Action". But I promise you that it's ALL good.

Since Ike both our family business and my Jordan Essentials business have been moving so quickly that I was having trouble finding time to get online for more then just a few minutes. But with some changes, I am now finding the time to get back online and share some of the great news about Jordan Essentials.

I'll start off by sharing that our NEW Spring Product Line is here, and with it our New Scents and Catalog.


Our New Products Include:

New Hair Product
Additional Facial Colletion Products
Complete line of Coconut Papaya Scents
Complete line of White Tea and Ginger Scents
Bonus Buy: Summer Berries