Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hair Care Products!
Most people know about our wonderful bath and body products, but did you know that Jordan Essentials has a wonderful hair care line.

We have had Shampoo and Leave In Conditioners for some time, however with our Spring Product Release, we released several other additions to this line. Two that I tried for the first time this week.

They knocked my socks off, and what surprised me even more is that my hubby noticed and even commented that my hair smelled wonderful, and that it just make him want to hug me. Well I don't know about you, but hugs are always GOOD!

The New Packaging is so easy to use, JUST PUMP!

Your choices include:

Shampoo . . . Original Formula -- Mild Clarifying Formula 8 oz
Shampoo . . . Moisturizing Formula -- Color Safe for all Hair Types 8 oz
Daily Conditioner . . . For Silky Soft Hair 8 oz
Spray Conditioner . . . Leave in Formula 4 oz
Hair Mask . . . Deep Conditioning Enriched with Shea 2 oz

All of our products can be purchased at my webstore


Shelly said...

Catherine, I love pump bottles and most of the items I use are in pump bottles. I also save my empty ones and clean them out and pour other contents in them (things that I can't find in pump bottles!)

jillsartwork said...

I had no idea you had hair products. they sound wonderful and hug are always awesome