Thursday, April 30, 2009

Become a Bathing Beauty . . .

I've been working hard at loosing weight, and have even set up a blog, because a lot of my friends wanted to know what I was doing.
Part of my "Life Style" change includes reading and learning more about the foods that I eat, working more exercise into the day and so forth. Densie Austin's website and newsletters really help. They're down to earth and simple things that a "normal" person can do.
This morning there was an article in her newsletter that I wanted to share with you that has some great info to be shared with those just looking to releave stress . . . .

Feel Great!
Become a Bathing Beauty!

Denise Austin's Morning Stretch

There's nothing like a hot shower or bath before crawling into bed at night. And did you know that establishing a before-bed bathing routine can actually help you make the most of your z's? That's right! When you take a warm bath or shower, your body temperature rises while you're in the water, and it gradually cools once you step out. That change in temperature makes you drowsy and sends a signal to your brain that it's time to go to sleep.

A soothing shower or bath also relaxes your muscles, which also sets you up for a good night's rest. And the time spent lathering up can act as an effective buffer between the whirl of your everyday life and your bed — a place where all that anxiety doesn't belong!

Try it tonight! Take a warm shower, using some of your favorite. yummy-smelling bath products. Then change into your softest pajamas and climb into your bed, made up with fresh, cool sheets. Enjoy! The night is yours for a long, lovely sleep.

I am going to give it a try tonight with our Dead Sea's Bath Salts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Foamers are one of our products that I use as prizes and give aways. I point it out to customers that are purchasing our shower gels, and our mini foamer to those that have little ones, or travel a lot.

I was doing a show this weekend when I was pointing out the foamer to a potentially new customer (who liked the one that I had set up in the ladies room) when one of my customers showed up and started bragging that her hubby loved it, and the boys were actually using it. I had a SALES RUSH on our FOAMERS.

I've always liked them because I could lock them closed and carry them with me to do shows, but was nicer, it's a Money Saver. Why you may ask . .

1. For those that believe that if a "Little is Good, More is better" They don't use as much product.

2. I fill the foamers about 1/4 with the shower gel, and rest with water, it lasts so much longer.

3. It seems that the little hands seem to wash much more often thus cutting down on the "yuck" that they share.

Why not look at adding one or more to your next order. . . . under bath products.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a GREAT way to say THANK YOU
to those that are SERVING our COUNTRY!

Our Military Thank YOU program has two great Options for saying THANK YOU! Add a lotion bar to any order (or a standby itself order), for $5.00 and Jordan Essentials will ship the Thank You for your Service Lotion Bar, signed by a child at a local Nixa MO grade school. This shipping will be at no cost to you. Item # 11051

Option 2 is that you purchase the Thank You for your Service Lotion Bar for $5.00 plus tax and shipping and you give it the the Military Person of your choosing. Item # 11052

Help us get a Thank You for your Service Lotion Bar into the hands of everyone of those serving our country.

order online at or contact me directly.

These special lotion bars are non-commissionable for the representatives -- please help us show our support!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check out My April Jordan Essentials Contest

Now through Tuesday, April 28th at 6 am

Black Raspberry Vanilla & Olive Oil Glycerin Saop

I have 4 shows scheduled over the next 5 days, but they're all in the greater Houston Area

4/23/09 -- Houston Area Councial of American Business Women's Association
West Houston

4/25/09 -- Houston Wahms Shopping Extravaganza
SE Houston

4/26/09 -- Mommy & Me --Legends Sports Complex, The Woodlands
The Woodlands, TX

4/27/09 -- The Federation of Houston Professional Women
Galleria Area

For those who can not attend or are out of the area there are
TWO ways that you can enter this CONTEST

Purchase online between NOW and April 28th at 6 AM -- and receive
THREE entries for each dollar in purchases


comment on the postings on this BLOG and receive
ONE entry for each comment left

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Specials

I've been so caught up in my Niece's wedding, and trying to control what might possibly be called "Bridezilla" that I didn't realize the Mother's Day was quickly approaching until I received the Notice that we have two Wonderful Mother's Day gift sets available and a super price.

Relax Mom or Mom, how does your garden grow!
The Relaxation Gift set is perfect for a Mom who is alwyas giving. Bubble bath, Lotion and Moisturizing Socks will help Mom feel appreicated and loved. This set includes: Moisturizing pair of socks, Purse Size Relaxing fragrance Body Lotion, Bubble Bath/Shower Gel, Spritzer and unscented 4 oz salt scrub.
The Mom, how does your garden grow set is perfect for your Gardener. SPF 15 lip care protects while in the garden planting the seed packet, included. Mom will enjoy exfoliating her hands after wroking the garden. A Great muscle soak mineral bath and Moisturizing hand lotion are the perfect treat to say I love you Mom. Includes: See packet, Oatmeal Milk and Honey Mineral Bath, Oatmeal Milk and Honey Purase size body lotion, SPF 15 Lip Care Tube, and unscented 4 oz salt scrub only $25.00

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unscented Products!
Did you know that Jordan Essentials carries a complete line of "UNSCENTED" products.
We're one of the few, that offer this option for our customers. I've seen an increase in sales in this "scent" or should I say "unscent". The reasons differ from person to person.
Many are men, who just want to be sure that the "guys" don't know that they're using that "sissy" stuff. Others are those that do not wish to have their lotion scents mix with their perfumes.
Others still have "work rules" in place about not wearing scents to work. When one of my customers told me that they were not allowed to wear scents at the "school district" for the comfort of all "co-workers" I was shocked. Then it was brought to my attention again that a lot of the people who work at the local "Chemical Plants" are also restricted from wearing "scents".
Many others have allergies and opt for the unscented. Then there is the "mamma to be" who just can't handle scents of any kind during her 9 months of waiting for her new arrival.
Jordan Essentials offers unscented Lotion Bars, Salt Scrub, Shea Butter, Shower Gel, Dead Sea Bath Salts, soap and Body Silk.
Check out my online store for more information.