Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Foamers are one of our products that I use as prizes and give aways. I point it out to customers that are purchasing our shower gels, and our mini foamer to those that have little ones, or travel a lot.

I was doing a show this weekend when I was pointing out the foamer to a potentially new customer (who liked the one that I had set up in the ladies room) when one of my customers showed up and started bragging that her hubby loved it, and the boys were actually using it. I had a SALES RUSH on our FOAMERS.

I've always liked them because I could lock them closed and carry them with me to do shows, but was nicer, it's a Money Saver. Why you may ask . .

1. For those that believe that if a "Little is Good, More is better" They don't use as much product.

2. I fill the foamers about 1/4 with the shower gel, and rest with water, it lasts so much longer.

3. It seems that the little hands seem to wash much more often thus cutting down on the "yuck" that they share.

Why not look at adding one or more to your next order. . . . www.jordanrep.com/3854 under bath products.

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