Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unscented Products!
Did you know that Jordan Essentials carries a complete line of "UNSCENTED" products.
We're one of the few, that offer this option for our customers. I've seen an increase in sales in this "scent" or should I say "unscent". The reasons differ from person to person.
Many are men, who just want to be sure that the "guys" don't know that they're using that "sissy" stuff. Others are those that do not wish to have their lotion scents mix with their perfumes.
Others still have "work rules" in place about not wearing scents to work. When one of my customers told me that they were not allowed to wear scents at the "school district" for the comfort of all "co-workers" I was shocked. Then it was brought to my attention again that a lot of the people who work at the local "Chemical Plants" are also restricted from wearing "scents".
Many others have allergies and opt for the unscented. Then there is the "mamma to be" who just can't handle scents of any kind during her 9 months of waiting for her new arrival.
Jordan Essentials offers unscented Lotion Bars, Salt Scrub, Shea Butter, Shower Gel, Dead Sea Bath Salts, soap and Body Silk.
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