Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last weekend was exciting for me, as I was out of town with my Husband, and of course many times there's not a lot to do in the evenings at the motel. It has been so hot out at the range, and everyone was just dragging.
I pulled out my facial set, that I always carry with me, and invited some of the other wives and we had a facial in the motel room. It was fun, a lot of great bonding, and we all felt refreshed and ready to take on the world in just 15 minutes.
As I age my skin has changed from Oil to Dry and it had been hard to find the facial line that worked for me, then when Jordan Essentials came out with our face line a couple of years ago it was like they had my personal needs in mind. They have been expanding it with some great products like eye cream, Green Tea Facial Mask, Cucumber Eye Mask.
We have two great systems:
"Basic Face Care System" includes Gentle Cleanser with Travel Soap Saver, choice of Gentle Exfoliant or Spa Polish, Toner Mist, Detoxifying Clay Mask, choice of Moisturizer, New Shea Cherry Lip butter and free Cosmetic Bag ($70.00)
"Everyday Face Care System" Basic Face Care System with your choice of trageted treatment: Skin Firming Serum, Age-Defying Serum or Time Rewind Eye Cream. $90.00 ..thats a $5.00 savings.

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