Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Fun, rough on the SKIN. . .

This Memorial Day weekend is always considered the "kick off" to Summer, but summer can really be tough on the skin. I've had several of my regular customers contact me that they needed to stock up on the shea butter and lotion bars, because time spent in the Garden or in the Pool are already bringing forth skin problems and they need to get control before summer really kicks into gear.

Personally, I've been working out, loosing weight and spending a lot of time walking and jogging in the pool at the Gym, and I noticed that I too have to pay closer attention to my hands and feet.

The Shea Butter works great at healing those super dry areas and the lotion bar for sealing in that natural moisture.

It's hard to believe that we work so hard to drink enough water to keep our body hydrated, but yet water can be such an enemy to the outside of our skin.

It's important to take care of your self, both inside and out.

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