Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One of the reasons that I chose to join Jordan Essentials is because I could decide how I needed to work my business, and I realized yesterday in talking with some ladies, just how the decision I made was perfect for me.

Most companies believe that each and every "Consultant" should be a "Business-Building Consultant" and on the average only a handful of each TEAM fall into this catagory. Would I love each member of my TEAM to be in the "Business-Building Mode" You bet, who would not want this. But in reality my TEAM as most TEAMS in Jordan Essentials is made up of different types of consultants.

Jordan Essentials finds that most TEAMS include:

Friends & Family Consultants -- Like the idea of buying Jordan Essential products for personal use at consultant discounts. Sells to neighbors, friends, relatives etc. through catalog and online orders. Maybe a home show here and there.

Hobby Consultant -- Loves doing home shows and earning extra money when it's convenient with their schedule. Works a lot some months and less other months.

On-Site Consultant -- Works for a company with a lot of employees who love Jordan Essentials products. Makes it convenient for everyone to order and to earn extra income at the same time.

Part-Time Consultant -- Part-time, consistent consultant who desires to make a specified monthly income to pay for nursery school, college tuition, car payment, etc.

Business-Building Consultant -- Views Jordan Essentials as a viable career, knows it can provide a full time income. Pursues management and wants to move up the career ladder. Works at her business in a consistent and on-going manner - it's a real job!

It really is amazing to me how each TEAM member falls into one of these catagories, and will even move back and forth between catagories depending on LIFE. That's OK. We each have our own goals or needs when choosing a company, and for me it was one that could be flexible enough with me, to allow my "LIFE" to happen.

If you're looking for more . . . a little more, a lot more or something inbetween, then JORDAN ESSENTIALS just maybe the opportunity that you have been looking for.

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