Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm back!!! 

Actucally I never left,  but I was unable to keep everything juggled,  work, family,  parents health issues and my Jordan Essentials business.   So part of what went was some of my online acitivites.   But I kept my Jordan Essentials Business going,  working it when I could and I want to thank everyone for supporting me through some rough times this past year.

Family and Balance are one of the things that I love about being a Jordan Essential Representative.   While remaining a representative, supporting my TEAM and my customers, I was able to scale down my business as I needed to, to take care of Family and ME.   We all seem to forget about that ME time,  and it allowed me to loose over 55 pounds todate  (still working on more but I'm taking it as it comes).   It's really amazing how much Jordan Essentials was part of that ME time.

Jordan Essentials allowed me to continue to do what I need and work my Jordan Essential Business as I needed to,  and now we're both back.   Jordan Essentials with a NEW WEBSITE    Me with renewed energy and a Facebook Fan page.   

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