Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Transferable Skills! 

It's not just about having a wonderful product,  but what one learns in the process of building your own business they way you want to build it.

I've learned quite a bit since joining Jordan Essentials,  I remember when I set up my first display,  it desperately needed help and so did I.  Everything was flat on the table.    At each of the last few  vendor shows that I've done,  someone has come up and commented about how they love the  display.

Saturday I was at a meeting,  when the friend who came to my rescue after that first show, to give me a few helpful TIPS, brought out several bags of "stuff" and said that using this "stuff" we needed to put a  display table together.   Well it went together easily enough for the 3 ladies that were working on it,  it was nice,  just not  WOW! 

Within minutes,  I was able to show them how to take it from NICE to WOW!

Without Jordan Essentials I would not have been able to do that, as  I am one of those that can not draw a straight line with a ruler.   It's times like this that I thank EVERYONE who helped me build my business along the way, including other representative.   I just hope that my TEAM finds the skills that I'm sharing helpful to them.


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