Wednesday, July 14, 2010

15 Days and Counting

One of my favorite times of the Jordan Essential Years is just around the corner.  Just 15 days from now we will be announcing our new FALL Product Line!

Our Spring and Fall Product Launches make me realize what a wonderful position I'm in,  knowing that I've got all the NEW Products coming my way to use and share with my customers.  Fall is expecially exciting as many of my customers are laying out their plans for holiday gift giving.    This is also a great time to become a representative for Jordan Essentials.

Some need to streatch their budgets,  and I'm anticipating more of that given the current economy,  so the perfect solution for them is to host a Girls Night In,  Home Spa Show,  Themed Party or even a book party and receive the FREE and discounted products offered to our hostesses.     Including the GOLDEN HOSTESS surprise gifts for parties over $450.00.

But don't forgot the fun of a one on one to sample our products.

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