Monday, July 19, 2010

Community Involvement   . . . . .
          Celebrate Women Bracelet . . . . 

Over the years Jordan Essentials has supported numerous  Organizations through incentives offered.   This past catalog has been no different,  and there are only a few days left to participate in the "Celebrate Women Bracelet" bonus buy with a cause.

Our "Celebrate Women" bracelets are made here in the USA by women for women.  The beads symbolize the diversity of women and inner strength.   Portions of each bracelet sale have been going to Mercy Ministry to help young women transform their lives through a voluntary,  free of lcharge, program where young women can become free of addicting behaviors and know the unconditional love of God in their lives.

Please visit  or for more information about this organization.   There are several of these facilities throughout the country,  and Houston is in line for a future facility.

Organizations that Jordan Essentials has supported in the past 10 years:
                                 Pregnancy Care Center                                     
Center of Aging
                                  Family Violence Center                                     
Red Cross
                                            Russian Orphanages                                          
Convoy of Hope
     San Bernardino Burn Center for Children          
Tsunami Relief Efforts
                                                    Relay for Live                                                   
Wounded Warriers stateside
                Direct Sales Educational Foundation                  
      James River Women  Ministry         
     Hurricane Katrina Relieve Efforts and supplies    
Military Lotion Bar Program (ongoing)
     American Cancer Society Annual Breast Cancer

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