Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Tip . . . . .

Tuesday Tip

Exercise is great for controlling your weight,  but did you know that it's also GREAT for your skin?

If you want firmer, smoother, and younger looking skin,  you need to exercise everyday.  Exercise brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

Monday, August 30, 2010

ABWA and Jordan Essentials in the News!

Killeen Texas -  Central Council of ABWA hosts an annual Leadership Conference,  and I've had the opportunity for several years to share Jordan Essentials with the wonderful ladies that attend this conference to Network, Learn, hone their business skills,  participate in the WIN Cafe,  and shop,  and what a wonderful event for everyone.

    Full News Article        

ABWA  (American Business Women's Association) http://www.abwa.org/ has chapters throughout the country.  If you have not attended their meetings before please check for a Group in your area.   If you're a past member,  try us out again,  as we're NEW and IMPROVED!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Detox your Skin Care

Detox your Skin Care

What is in your makeup bag?

The average woman is exposed to 126 chemicals in beauty products daily. That is in about 12 products alone. It is time to clean up your bath, body and beauty products. Learn about the solutions that are plant based, with dual uses and more!

We all want to look our best. Good skin care and beauty products can help us hide a little flaw and bring out our natural beauty. Read about the BIG 6 to avoid in your products and about the multi-purpose and healthy choices from the Jordan Essentials real skin care solutions line.

Here are the BIG 6 to avoid in your skin care routines:

1.  Mineral Oil (blocks healthy skin function)

2.  DEA (linked to cancer in lab studies)

3.  Parabens (blocks estrogen and are found in breast cancer tissues. Very questionable in safety)

4.  SLS & SLES (harsh detergent agents that open pores to unhealthy ingredients)

5. Aluminum (found in deodorants, clogs pores and suspect in causing breast cancer)

6. Isopropyl Alcohol (used to sterilize and kill germs, strips away natural oils. Need we say more?)

Great Skin Care Solutions:

Lotion and Lip care that is Mineral Oil FREE. Shea Butter is a rich moisturizing lotion. Lotion bars have multi-uses such as hand lotion, cuticle treatment, and great for feet. Lip care that not only heals, it seals against the harsh environment. Lip sticks made from healthy Earth Minerals, not Petroleum.

DEA & SLS Free Shower Gel. Perfect for a bubble bath, shower gel and hand soap. Use with the Soap Saver, Table Top, or Scrunchie. One bottle does it all.

Paraben Free Preservatives. Most companies use Parabens for preservatives because they are inexpensive and work well for a longer shelf life. Spectrastat is a full spectrum preservative with a long shelf life made with safe botanicals. Jordan Essentials chooses only the best for our families.

Aluminum Free Deodorant. At many breast cancer clinics across the country the first thing they tell a woman after she is diagnosed with breast cancer is to use aluminum free deodorant. Why wait?! Aluminum blocks the sweat glands from producing sweat, but that moisture has to go somewhere. JE offers 14 fragrances of aluminum free deodorant. No odor and healthy perspiration. Be proactive for your health and your family, switch to aluminum free today.

Detox your candles and room sprays. Your candles bring wonderful fragrances to your home, but what else do they bring? Soy based candles with safe wicks are the best choice. The air we breathe needs to be clean and healthy just like our skin care. Jordan Essentials has Destination Candles made from soy designed to help you escape in your very own home to places like; Mountain Retreat, A Day at the Spa, Day at the Beach and new Cranberry Fall Festival.

Cosmetics! What are in the cosmetics you place on your face? We offer healthy mineral powders for face, eyes and cheeks. Mineral Lipsticks that stay on top of the lips and do not go into the skin, and yes, you can lick your lips without worry! Try a tinted lip gloss on top for a pretty new look too. All of the Jordan Essentials NEW Mineral Makeup line is botanical, healthy and free of the BIG 6 so you can trust your skin care to Jordan Essentials. I would be happy to show you our entire line.

I challenge you to try it before you buy it. I am booking shows right now where you and a few friends can gather for spa treatments and facials. Let me know when a good date is for you and we can detox your makeup bag together!  

CathyJELady@gmail.com or just give me a call!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Table Discussions . .

Last night I had dinner with friends,  the 4 of us get together a couple times a year,  not enough as far as I'm concerned.   Everytime we get together at the same location,  and no matter how nice the weather has been it "storms".

That's really OK,  as we use it as a excuse for a 3 or 4 hour dining experience, as we can't leave while it's still a mess out there.

As always I take the time to share our newest catalog with everyone,  and the conversation immediately drifted to our newly expanded  mineral makeup line.  Two of us already using mineral makeup the other two asking questions.    Like what we love most about it. .  ..

1.  that the Liquid Base includes a moisturizer and is actually called a "Tinted Moisturizer",  it goes on so smooth
2.  that it last longer then regular makeup
3.  personally I love the Mineral Makeup to go,  as it drops nicely into my purse and travel bag.  Because of my job, I'm in and out of the warehouse, where it can be so hot,  that I usually wait before heading out to a meeting to put my makeup on.  Works great.
4.  I can actually wear our new eye makeup without my allergies kicking into high gear and making my eyes water.

My list could go on and on . . . but I can honestly say that if you have not tried mineral makeup,  it's something that you should definately consider.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tip Day . . . .

Tuesday Tip
Hair Care Tip

Stress can cause hair loss, so find ways to relax and rejuvenate yourself  to keep your precious hair.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mineral Makeup Tutorial

The release our fall catalog, brought with it an Expanded Mineral Makeup line.   Those who know me personally, know that I'm not much of a makeup wearer.   Basically only for special events (in part because of my day job)  however I've been finding that I've been more apt to put makeup on with our "To Go" tubes because I can throw them in my purse to be used to freshen up during the day.

But like many who don't use makeup all the time,  I find that a little guidance is helpful.  Thoughts and ideas are appreciated.   After all  my friend Louise can't do my makeup for every important event.   I'm finding that with our Mineral Makeup line I don't have do depend on anyone.

Check out this great Tutorial on Mineral Makeup

Hope that you found this Tutorial helpful.   Remember you can call me for a one on one to check out our Mineral Makeup.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Tip:

Tuesday Tip!
Skin Care

Strengthen your skin by choosing skin moisturizers that contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy B'Day Nancy! Look what she's giving you!

Orchard Fresh

Nancy loves the Orchard Fresh Fragrance. Once it came out it has been a staple for her. She even has a lotion bar she keeps in her purse and one in her car that has melted but makes a great car freshener.

Orchard Fresh is a top selling favorite for the company and Nancy. YOU can enjoy this "gift" of a free upgrade as we celebrate Nancy's birthday next weekend August 22nd.

Purchase any set or collection in Orchard Fresh and your 4 oz. tube of Shea Butter will be upgraded to an 8 oz. jar for FREE!     A savings of $5.00!!!!!

Sets included are:

Basic Home Spa System --  Lotion Bar, Shea Butter and Salt Scrub  $29.00
Everyday Home Spa System --  Shea Butter, Lotion Bar, Salt Scrub, Shower Gel,
Soap Saver and Lip Butter with SPF 15   $49.00
Premier Home Spa System --  Soy Candle, Dead Sea Salts, Cucumber Eye Treatment, Shea Butter, Lotion Bar, Lip Butter with SPF 15 , Spritzer, Shower Gel, Salt Scrub and Free Tote  $89.00

Wait there's MORE!
Nancy's Favorites for the Face!


If you have spent any time around Nancy you will hear her say she cannot live without her Age Defying Serum and Lip Gloss.

The Age defying must be what keeps her young and the lip gloss keeps her hip.

You can look young and hip when you purchase an Age defying Serum and get a FREE lip gloss!

Buy an Age Defying Serum and get a smooth, minty Jojoba Lip Gloss for FREE!  A $7.00 Value

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just wanted to call for HELP

Ever have one of those days when you just want to scream and call for help.   Had one of those this afternoon.  Was making the usual runs for work, and noticed that I was running low on gas.   Thought,  ummm I should leave this to hubby to fill up.  Should have listened to myself.

But knowing that I have a meeting tonight across town, with rain moving in,  so was pretty sure that I would be coming home on fumes. So decision made.  Stopped at the gas station to put some gas in.  

Put the nozzle in and started filling up there was a blast of pressure that forced the hose out and all over my hands, car, tires and ground.   Don't know how I missed getting it on my clothes.   But luckily I did.    What a mess.

I'm one of those that can NOT STAND the smell of gasoline.   Grumbled  about how I would have been better off coming home on fumes and left this mess for hubby.   I did remember the Jordan Essentials Hand Sanitizer that I had in the van and quickly was able to wash away most of the smell.    Immediately felt better,  then felt even better when I pulled up at work, handed hubby the keys and said he needed to get all the gasoline off my car.    He just looked at me and shook his head.   Guess next time he drives my vehicle he'll remember to put some gas in it, so I don't have too!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There is nothing more rewarding than taking care of yourself!

— Denise Austin

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

  Tuesday TIP:

Ever have those days when you didn't sleep well,  but you have to be at your best.   In many, including me it still shows in my eyes.   Or when my allergies are in gear my eyes get all puffy.    Today's tip came my way,  and I just filed it away,  but I gave it a try last week after an allergy attack, guess it was to much dust being kicked up in the move :)

To reduce eye swelling,  use a metal spoon, hold it under cold running water for a couple minutes, then gently press it onto the skin around your eye.

It did help,  but it felt even better!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some of the best times that I have had as a representative for Jordan Essentials are the TEAM Trainings, especially the State TEAM meetings.  

We had our TEXAS TEAM meeting and fall product launch this weekend.  The Synergy in the room was so energizing,    I always leave these meetings with great ideas, excitement about our business and the plans for the future.

The TEXAS TEAM has a lot of plans to "KICK IT UP A NOTCH" and I can't wait to share the excitement with each of you as we begin to lay out  and implement our plans.

Stay tuned to learn more about some of the exciting activities that we have planned!

Friday, August 6, 2010

What Are Kabuki Brushes?

That's what I had to ask myself when I found out that they were included in our new product release,  I had no earthly idea what they were,  or why they were better.   So  off to the internet I went to find out more information.   Found a great explaination  at  http://www.ehow.com/

What are Kabuki Brushes?  Contributor  By Tucker Cummings, eHow Contributing Writer

I want to do this! What's This? What Are Kabuki Brushes?

Kabuki brushes are a must-have accessory for anyone's makeup kit. Whether you are a pro makeup artist, a fashionista or just someone who likes to experiment with new techniques, adding a kabuki brush to your makeup kit is a great idea.

Identification   A kabuki brush is a makeup brush with a short flat head and a short stem. The brush head is usually rounded or flat, with a curved edge.

Origin of the Name  The name kabuki comes from a style of Japanese theatre defined by actors who wear heavy, stylized makeup.

Uses  Kabuki brushes are most commonly used to apply dry, powder-based makeup such as foundation or blush. Because of its size and shape, a kabuki brush is excellent for applying a concentrated amount of product in a strong blunt curve. These brushes are also excellent for creating all-over coverage with a natural look.

Storage  Kabuki brushes are very portable and easy to store, as they are quite small compared to other makeup brushes. Store in a cool dry place with low humidity.

Materials  Traditionally, the brush head of a kabuki brush was made of soft, semi-rigid animal fur, most commonly goat hair. These days, they often are made of Taklon or another synthetic fiber.  (Jordan Essentials uses a Thick Synthetic material)

Cleaning  You can clean a kabuki brush by simply tapping it on the back of your hand to remove any leftover pigment. You can also cleanse it with a mild makeup cleaner, available at most pharmacies and beauty counters. Make sure to dry it throughly with a paper towel. Dab it dry, rather than wringing, to ensure the integrity of the brush.

Hope that you were able to find this as informative as I have.

Great News
Jordan Essentials

We've launched some GREAT New Products as I've mentioned in earlier posts.  But in going through our NEW CATALOG  page by page I see a lot of other GREAT NEW options for you.

First you may not know but our "Basic Home System" has been one of our most popular sets, as it's available in all Signature Scents and Unscented.  There has been a small change,  one that I know several of my customers have asked for.

The Option to CHOOSE

Shea Butter Tube   or  Body Lotion


This same choice holds for our larger sets also  Everyday Home Spa System,  and our Premier Home Spa System.  (remember our Premier Home Spa Systems can be personalized with a name for only $10.00 more)

But wait,  those are not the only changes that you will see.  Our Essentials for Men,  is now available in both Coastal Blue and Mountain Chill.

Still More . . . Essentials for Babies has been available in Powder Fresh Scent,  now we have added Lavender Vanilla!  Very light scent, but so nice.   Buy the complete set and it can be personalized with the babies name for just $10.00 more.

Our Perfect Getaway Collection Large candles has also been expanded  with Cranberry Fall Festival.   Cranberry and Amber Spice.  This was a limited hostess specials last Christmas,  and was so popular that they brought it back as a regular item. 

Another Special has made it's way to our catalog  Appreciation Gift Set includes purse size hand and body lotion,  foaming Hand Sanitizer both in Orchard Fresh along with a Mint Mini Lip Tube in a gift bag. 

The Peppermint Foot Set has been so popular that our customers have asked for the foot cream to be sold separately.  Your wish is our command,  and it is now available in both 4 oz Tube and 8 oz jar for your intense therapy for feet.

We are now also offering a Table Top Hand Foamer that is available in a heavy frosted glass dispenser,  looks elegant, and feels wonderful.

Check out our Catalog  or request your own catalog via mail 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feel Great!

Improve Your Mood
With a Bath

Denise Austin:  www.deniseaustin.com

Many of you know that I've been working during the past 18 months to loose weight, sometimes it was easy,  but it's hard work.  One of my key motivators through this process has been the daily emails that I receive from Denise Austin.   The following was in my basket this morning and I thought I would share it with each of you.   If you have a few minutes,  please check out her site.

Bad day at work? Fighting with family? When you're stressed out and not feeling your best, it's all too easy to find excuses to skip your workout and drown your sorrows in a pint of ice cream. Don't do it! When bad days hit, walk away from the fridge and instead treat yourself to a mood-boosting bath!

Taking a nice warm soak is such a great way to relax and have some time alone — two things you probably need if your day hasn't gone too well! Try these tips to make it enjoyable:

Soak in water that's warm, not hot; water that's too hot can dry out your skin.   If you have normal to dry skin, drizzle a few drops of sweet-smelling bath oil in the water.  If you have oily, blemish-prone skin from the neck down, oils of any kind are not the best idea — try a yummy scented shower gel instead!

Adding bath salts is an inexpensive way to create a spa-like experience.

Light a scented candle or two and dim the lights.

Prop a towel or bath pillow behind your head and get comfortable!

You shouldn't bathe longer than 15 or 20 minutes — any longer can dry out your skin. Wrap up in a cuddly towel when you're done. Now, don't you feel much better?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

  Tuesday TIP Day!

Did you know that women eat approximately 4 pounds of lipstick per year?   

So do you know what is in your lipstick?  

Be confident that the ingredients in your lipstick are natural! New Jordan Essentials Natural Mineral Lipstick contains NO mineral oil or harmful chemicals. We use natural minerals which soften and condition as they add beautiful color.

All Hostesses in August will choose a New Mineral Lipstick for only $5!!! (limit one per Hostess)