Thursday, August 26, 2010

Detox your Skin Care

Detox your Skin Care

What is in your makeup bag?

The average woman is exposed to 126 chemicals in beauty products daily. That is in about 12 products alone. It is time to clean up your bath, body and beauty products. Learn about the solutions that are plant based, with dual uses and more!

We all want to look our best. Good skin care and beauty products can help us hide a little flaw and bring out our natural beauty. Read about the BIG 6 to avoid in your products and about the multi-purpose and healthy choices from the Jordan Essentials real skin care solutions line.

Here are the BIG 6 to avoid in your skin care routines:

1.  Mineral Oil (blocks healthy skin function)

2.  DEA (linked to cancer in lab studies)

3.  Parabens (blocks estrogen and are found in breast cancer tissues. Very questionable in safety)

4.  SLS & SLES (harsh detergent agents that open pores to unhealthy ingredients)

5. Aluminum (found in deodorants, clogs pores and suspect in causing breast cancer)

6. Isopropyl Alcohol (used to sterilize and kill germs, strips away natural oils. Need we say more?)

Great Skin Care Solutions:

Lotion and Lip care that is Mineral Oil FREE. Shea Butter is a rich moisturizing lotion. Lotion bars have multi-uses such as hand lotion, cuticle treatment, and great for feet. Lip care that not only heals, it seals against the harsh environment. Lip sticks made from healthy Earth Minerals, not Petroleum.

DEA & SLS Free Shower Gel. Perfect for a bubble bath, shower gel and hand soap. Use with the Soap Saver, Table Top, or Scrunchie. One bottle does it all.

Paraben Free Preservatives. Most companies use Parabens for preservatives because they are inexpensive and work well for a longer shelf life. Spectrastat is a full spectrum preservative with a long shelf life made with safe botanicals. Jordan Essentials chooses only the best for our families.

Aluminum Free Deodorant. At many breast cancer clinics across the country the first thing they tell a woman after she is diagnosed with breast cancer is to use aluminum free deodorant. Why wait?! Aluminum blocks the sweat glands from producing sweat, but that moisture has to go somewhere. JE offers 14 fragrances of aluminum free deodorant. No odor and healthy perspiration. Be proactive for your health and your family, switch to aluminum free today.

Detox your candles and room sprays. Your candles bring wonderful fragrances to your home, but what else do they bring? Soy based candles with safe wicks are the best choice. The air we breathe needs to be clean and healthy just like our skin care. Jordan Essentials has Destination Candles made from soy designed to help you escape in your very own home to places like; Mountain Retreat, A Day at the Spa, Day at the Beach and new Cranberry Fall Festival.

Cosmetics! What are in the cosmetics you place on your face? We offer healthy mineral powders for face, eyes and cheeks. Mineral Lipsticks that stay on top of the lips and do not go into the skin, and yes, you can lick your lips without worry! Try a tinted lip gloss on top for a pretty new look too. All of the Jordan Essentials NEW Mineral Makeup line is botanical, healthy and free of the BIG 6 so you can trust your skin care to Jordan Essentials. I would be happy to show you our entire line.

I challenge you to try it before you buy it. I am booking shows right now where you and a few friends can gather for spa treatments and facials. Let me know when a good date is for you and we can detox your makeup bag together! or just give me a call!

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