Sunday, October 31, 2010

Deals, Deals! It's a Steal!

Join Jordan Essentials during the first 15 days of November with our best valued kit and reap even better deals!

How much better?

Our Deluxe Plus Minerals kit would retail for over $325, and we offer it as a start-up kit for only $150. Join with this kit option between November 1-15 and receive an additional $55 in FREE PRODUCTS!

What free products?

Your choice of Eye Shadow
Your choice of Mineral Blush
Your choice of Serum

That's right... One of each that you get to pick! What a deal!

That is $230 in products for FREE just for trying us out! Commit to holding just a handful of Spa Show parties to see if this "ground floor" opportunity is right for you! Most Consultants earn their initial investment back in 1-2 Spa Shows.

With holiday bills lurking around the corner, Jordan Essentials wants to help you live the American Dream.
So start planning TODAY to sign up on November 1.  . . to take advantage  of this wonderful opportunity and the other CUSTOMER SPECIALS  schedule for the first SEVEN days of November
Ph:  832-465-8670 

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