Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Basic Face Care Steps:

Basic Face Care Steps:


  1. Cleanse  (Daily)   Gentle Cleanser in Soap Saver :   Wet hands with warm water and place a small amount of Gentle Cleanser on fingertips or  Facial Brush and gently work into lather on face.  Rinse with tepid water  (personally I love using the facial  brush)

  2. Exfoliate  (weekly)   Gentle Exfoliant or Spa Polish: Gently buff and polish your face.  When used with our super soft Facial Brush in circular motions, your  face will enjoy renewed circulation and sloughing of dead skin cells.   (Just love the way my face feels after using the spa polish)

  3. Correct & Detoxify  (weekly)  Detoxifying Clay Mask:   Apply liberally to cleansed skin.  Leave on for approximately 10 minutes.  Mist with toner to keep moist if  needed.  Remove mask gently with tepid water.  Avoid eye area and lips.  Use as a spot blemish treatment too!

  4. Tone  & Hydrate (daily)  Toner Mist:  Spritz after Cleansing or Detoxifying Clay Mask; after sun exposure, and/or after skin is exposed to extreme heat.  Allow to air dry.  (I carry one in my gym bag,  wonderful after exercising)

  5. Moisturize  (daily)  Normal Facial Moisturizer with Soy,  Dry Skin Moisturizer with Shea & Soy  Apply moisturizer daily as a final step in your routine.

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