Sunday, December 26, 2010

After Christmas Sale

The BIG after Christmas Stock up Sale

FREE Dead Sea Salt and Shower Gel UPGRADES!
December 26 - December 31st ONLY!

Dead Sea Salt Upgrade!

Purchase an 8 oz. Dead Sea Salt,
get a 32 oz size! FREE!

SAVE $19.00!

Purchase an 8 ounce and get a free upgrade or purchase a 32 ounce for the 8 ounce price. Either way works!

Shower Gel Upgrade!

Purchase a 9 oz. Shower Gel,
get a 17 oz. size FREE!

SAVE $6.00!

Purchase a 9 ounce and get a free upgrade or buy a 17 ounce for the 9 ounce price. It works either way!

and a Happy NEW YEAR from everone at Jordan Essentials!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jordan Essentials Retiring Products

New Products are coming! New Products are coming!

As we take inventory and try to make room for all the new products on our shelves and in our catalog, we must discontinue a few of the old. As they say, "out with the old, in with the new!"

Please find below the list of products to be retired in our upcoming Spring 2011 catalog. All products will continue to be sold while supplies last until January 31st, at midnight Pacific time.

Retiring Products Include:

•Relax Aromatherapy line
•Refresh Aromatherapy line
•Fizzy Mineral Bath
•Regular Strength Deodorant
•Birthday Party Perfect Getaway Candle
•Unscented SPF Lip Tube
•Tropical Fruit SPF Lip Tube
•4 ounce Hair Mask
Signature Fragrances to be retired:

•White Tea and Ginger

Our new catalog, featuring new products and a new Signature Fragrance, will launch January 22, 2011 at our LIVE iJordan event at 1 pm  attend your local watch party, or join us from the comfort of your own home. Either way, make plans to attend!   Contract me directly for more information:

Order online at

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jordan Essentials Offers Gift Certificates too!

While we may all be
Shopping DIVA's . . . . .

Sometimes, there is just not enough time to get everything done.
Sometimes, there is that last minute gift that's needed.
Sometimes, there is a surprise guest coming with your children
Sometimes,  it's just that you don't know what scent is a persons favorite

Jordan Essentials will make you a DIVA in Demand with our
Gift Certificates

Jordan Essentials offers gift certificates for any budget.  $5,  $10, $20, $25, $30, $50 and $100

Monday, December 13, 2010

20% off Lipstick, Eye or Cheek Color

Just in Time for Christmas!

Get 20% OFF any Lipstick, Mineral Eyeshadow, or Mineral Blush
now through December 17th!
Discount also good on Limited Edition Eyeshadow Duo!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Not just for Adults!

 Do you have a TWEENY
or PRE-TWEENY on your Holiday Shopping List?

If you're like most people,  when we think of   spa, bath and body products we think of  Adults.   One of the GREAT things about Jordan Essentials,  we have something for every member of the family.  Infants, kids, TWEENY, and let's not forget the guys in our life.

Today I wanted to share the Pampers Chic's Set with you.   Our Tweeny's are well beyond the Mr. Bubbles stage,  but we don't quite want them to grow into the "more grown up scents".     Plumeria is such a light scent,  it's perfect for this age group.

Pamper Chicks Gift Set includes:

Pink-tastic Chick Lip Gloss
Plumeria Lotion Bar
Travel-size Plumeria Spritzer
Travel-size Plumeria Shower Gel
...All in a cute tote!
Price: $22.00
Lotion Bar can be ordered seperately
order online TODAY and receive in time for the Christmas Holiday via standard shipping
under Gift Sets

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So What does your favorite Scent Signify?

What Scents Signify

We all have our favorite scents that we purchase on a regular basis.  Sometime you vary but usually in the same family.  But when giving gifts you may not know what scent you should give.


For those of you that wish to choose a scent with a little more meaning, I though that I would share this brief recap of what scents might Signify to others.

Love, Companionship & Relationship

The following scents signify different aspects of a relationship such as love, companionship, affection, and adoration. These scents will make you feel more relaxed, comforted and sexy.
· Black Raspberry Vanilla
· Coconut Papaya
· Day at the Spa (French Lavender & Spearmint)
· Lavender & Eucalyptus
· Peppermint (available in Happy Feet Retreat and Shea Butter only)
· Refresh (Lemon, Lime and Orange)
· Relax (Ylang ylang, Balsam, & Lavender)
· Sea Spa
· Vanilla Cream
· White Peppermint (Limited Holiday Gift Set only)
· White Tea & Ginger

Goals, Gains, Money & Success
The scents that signify material success, along with money, profits and aims, include the following fragrances
· Orchard Fresh
· Refresh (Lemon, Lime, and Orange)
· Vine Ripened Honeysuckle

Protection, Harmony & Well Being
Signifying the overall harmony of a person are the scents they will make your soul feel relaxed and peaceful.
· Coconut Papaya
· Craneberry & Amber Spice (Limited Holiday Gift Set Only)
· Day at the Spa (French Lavender & Spearmint)
· Grapefruit & Lime
· Lavender & Eucalyptus
· Oatmeal Milk & Honey
· Relax (Ylang ylang, Balsam, & Lavender)

Inspiration, Psychic Awareness & Intuition
If you are looking for essential oils with scents that signify inspiration, memories, and intuition See if you like:
· Cucumber Melon
· Day at the Spa (French Lavender & Spearmint)
· Lavender & Eucalyptus
· Orchard Fresh
· Pearberry
· Peppermint (Happy Feet Retreat and Shea Butter)
· Refresh (Lemon, Lime and Orange)

All scents available at

Friday, December 3, 2010


Yes, I'm a winner! 

You may ask why a make that statement. . . in just a few days I complete my 8th year with Jordan Essentials!

During the past 8 years,  I've met some wonderful ladies (and gentlemen too) that I have had the opportunity to work with and build a TEAM! 

I've met some wonderful people who have become as addicted to our products as I have become.

I joined Jordan Essentials (Country Bunny Bath & Body) to have enough money to pay for the extra's that I wanted to have,  but could not fund,  Jordan Essentials paid for most of my ABWA activities so that I didn't have to take funds out of the family budget.     It's also kept me supplied with all of my bath, body and spa needs.

As I look back I realize that the reason that I joined Jordan Essentials,  has evolved too.  Yes,  it still pays for my extra's, and provides me a continuous supply bath, body and spa products.  But it's given me the opportunity to GROW and MENTOR others who are looking to get a few extra dollars,  send a kid to college or just get out of the house.  

Many have never experienced the excitement of Direct Sales or Entrepreneurship, and the rewards of seeing these wonderful people blossom into what THEY want to be,  not what someone else is telling them they need to be.

So a BIG THANK YOU,  to all of you who have helped me the past 8 years . . . . and know that each and everyone of you are WINNERS in my book.

NOW for SOME FUN!!!!!    BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR YOU!!!!!    You're going to want to check back often  as we're going to be doing something NEW Each week.

December 3rd through December 8th ~  GIFT to be Drawn:  Purse Size Lotion!

1.  Leave a comment on this blog,  and receive one entry into the drawing
2.  Leave a comment on my Facebook Page and receive one entry
3.  Place an order and receive two entries for each $10.00 of your order
4.  Request information on joining my Jordan Essentials Team and receive three entries

Let the BIRTHDAY Celebration FUN Begin!