Sunday, December 26, 2010

After Christmas Sale

The BIG after Christmas Stock up Sale

FREE Dead Sea Salt and Shower Gel UPGRADES!
December 26 - December 31st ONLY!

Dead Sea Salt Upgrade!

Purchase an 8 oz. Dead Sea Salt,
get a 32 oz size! FREE!

SAVE $19.00!

Purchase an 8 ounce and get a free upgrade or purchase a 32 ounce for the 8 ounce price. Either way works!

Shower Gel Upgrade!

Purchase a 9 oz. Shower Gel,
get a 17 oz. size FREE!

SAVE $6.00!

Purchase a 9 ounce and get a free upgrade or buy a 17 ounce for the 9 ounce price. It works either way!

and a Happy NEW YEAR from everone at Jordan Essentials!

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