Friday, December 3, 2010


Yes, I'm a winner! 

You may ask why a make that statement. . . in just a few days I complete my 8th year with Jordan Essentials!

During the past 8 years,  I've met some wonderful ladies (and gentlemen too) that I have had the opportunity to work with and build a TEAM! 

I've met some wonderful people who have become as addicted to our products as I have become.

I joined Jordan Essentials (Country Bunny Bath & Body) to have enough money to pay for the extra's that I wanted to have,  but could not fund,  Jordan Essentials paid for most of my ABWA activities so that I didn't have to take funds out of the family budget.     It's also kept me supplied with all of my bath, body and spa needs.

As I look back I realize that the reason that I joined Jordan Essentials,  has evolved too.  Yes,  it still pays for my extra's, and provides me a continuous supply bath, body and spa products.  But it's given me the opportunity to GROW and MENTOR others who are looking to get a few extra dollars,  send a kid to college or just get out of the house.  

Many have never experienced the excitement of Direct Sales or Entrepreneurship, and the rewards of seeing these wonderful people blossom into what THEY want to be,  not what someone else is telling them they need to be.

So a BIG THANK YOU,  to all of you who have helped me the past 8 years . . . . and know that each and everyone of you are WINNERS in my book.

NOW for SOME FUN!!!!!    BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR YOU!!!!!    You're going to want to check back often  as we're going to be doing something NEW Each week.

December 3rd through December 8th ~  GIFT to be Drawn:  Purse Size Lotion!

1.  Leave a comment on this blog,  and receive one entry into the drawing
2.  Leave a comment on my Facebook Page and receive one entry
3.  Place an order and receive two entries for each $10.00 of your order
4.  Request information on joining my Jordan Essentials Team and receive three entries

Let the BIRTHDAY Celebration FUN Begin!

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