Thursday, December 22, 2011

Short Exercises for Relaxing, just for you!

Relax and Refresh

If you're like most of us,  leading into the Holiday's can be and is extremely stressful,  as there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

Here are a FEW  quick and easy
Short Exercises for Relaxing!

Short Hand Massage:
  1. Lubricate your fingers with a small amount of Body Butter
  2. Start from your wrist, working towards your fingers
  3. Follow the contours of each hand with strocking movements
  4. Gently, slowly squeeze and stretch your fingers one at a time from the left little finger over to the right little finger.  (Always rub "up" the fingers from the knuckle to the nail)
  5. Use friction on each of your finger joints both back and front
  6. Use your thumb to stroke your palm in a circular motion adding a little pressure

The Relaxing Sigh:
  1. Sit or stand up stright
  2. Let out a  deep sigh of relief as the air rushes out of your lungs
  3. Don't think about inhaling; just let the air come back in naturally
  4. Repeat this procedure 9-10 times whenever you feel the need for it,  and experience the feeling of relaxation
The Relaxing Sigh:
  1. Clench your fists.  While keeping them clenched,  pull your forearms tightly up against your upper arms.
  2. While keeping those muscles tense, tense all the muscles in your legs.
  3. While keeping those all those tense,  clench your jaws and shut your eyes fairly tight -- not to tightly.
  4. Now, while holding all those tense,  take a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds
  5. Let everything go all at once.  Feel yourself letting go of all of your tensions.  Just enjoy that feeling for a minute as your muscles let go more and more.

Monday, December 12, 2011

ABC News Loves our Lotion Bars!!!!!

So excited . . . Everyone in the office at ABC World News Tonight LOVES Jordan Essentials Lotion Bars!...via Diane Sawyer's Assistant :) Gotta LOVE me some JE!

JE MIGHT be mentioned tonight on ABC World News!! Wanna find out what all the hype is and experience a Lotion Bar for yourself, or give to someone for Christmas? You can order online at  or give me a call, as I do have a large inventory!!!! Jordan Essentials is 100% Made in the USA!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday TIP!

Tips for Healthy winter skin!
  • For drier winter skin,  a non-soap body wash is the best bet, our shower gel is the perfect answer
  • Although a steam shower sounds great on a cool day,  exposing skin to water at 98.6 degrees and above can result in drier skin.  Keep hot showers under five minutes, and remember to pat your skin dry
  • To get the full moisturizing effect of our body lotion and shea butters, apply them while your skin is still damp.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

ABC's Made in AMERICA!

Do you want to support the American economy? It is easy with Jordan Essentials bath and body! American owned. American made. Pop by our web site, shop and we will ship quick! We even have special gifts when you spend over $50. ABC World News Tonight says when you spend $64 with an American company it will make a huge impact on our economy!

Jordan Essentials is listed as an endorsed company on the ABC World News Tonight map of companies.

Thank you for your support and God Bless America!..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reduce STRESS to help avoid Cold and Flu germs

One of my favorite websites, other then Jordan Essentials of course,  is ,  it's been wonderful in helping me to live a healthier life style.  Today they had a GREAT ideas on how to avoid the cold and flu germs . . .  

Most are dealing with exercise,  loosing weight and eating right,  but  REDUCE STRESS,  caught my attention,  as it's a perfect match for our JORDAN ESSENTIALS PRODUCTS

Manage Stress

According to the National Institutes of Health, hormones (like cortisol) that hang around during chronic stress can put us at risk for obesity, heart disease, cancer, and a variety of other illnesses. Take time out of your day to do a relaxing activity you enjoy, like journaling, meditating, going for a jog, or talking to a friend on the phone. Return refreshed and kick your stressors to the curb!

Lock the door and bring on the pampering with the ultimate skin care collection.  Choose your favorite Signature Fragrance

  • Light a Soy Candle in your favorite fragrance,  Enjoy the soft Light and scent, which calms your nerves.
  • Lock the door
  • Sprinkle  Dead Sea Salts in a warm tub and add a little Shower Gel to create a luxurious bubble bath
  • Soak your cares away, then gently exfoliate with Salt Scrub
  • Once you feel rejuvenated leave the tub and pat dry.
  • Patting dry helps skin stay hydrated after a bath or shower
  • Massage in Body Lotion or Shea Butter for all over softness and moisture
  • Soothe your lists with Shea Cherry Lip Butter.  And use the Lip Exfoliant for best results
  • Spray Hydrating Body Spritzer from head to toe or onto sheets for a relaxing scent
  • Use your Lotion Bar on your hands and feet to seal in moisture
  • Now it is time to apply the Aluminum FREE Deodorant for all day freshness
  • NOW you are ready for a fast paced day or a soothing, restful night.   Jordan Essentials has you covered from head to toe!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Join My Jordan Essentials Turkey Trot!

Jordan Essentials  Turkey Trot
(U.S. Customers Only at this time)

Turkey, Pumpkin Pie and FREE Jordan Essentials Products!!

Book your "Turkey Trot" today!!

What is a Turkey Trot? A great way to host an on the go catalog spa party to help family and friends shop with American made, high quality Jordan Essentials bath and body! It is super easy, fun and you are helping family and friends enjoy and de-stress this Holiday Season!

A very easy Catalog party!!All you have to do is:

1) During your Thanksgiving Holiday, take a "Turkey Trot" packet to your family and friends' holiday events!
2) Collect $150 or more in orders!
3) Turn orders in to me by Tuesday, November 29th!
4) I will draw your prize and you can redeem it immediately!

(and apply your hostess credit to FREE Products  or to DISCOUNT a Jordan Essentials Opportunity kit)

Turkey Trot packages will be mailed out on the next business day after requested.

To get yours..simply reply "YES" and include your mailing address for your opportunity to win some free products.

Deadline to register is Friday November 18th!

Every participant will WIN!

Let me know if you would like to participate by Friday, November 18th. Turkey Trot Packets will be mailed the next day, so you can get started on your $150 in orders. (On average, this only takes 2 or 3 orders OR you can place the $150 order yourself)

In addition, each participant name will go into a drawing for:
$50 in FREE Products (1 winner)
$25 in Free Products (2 winners)

Your orders and your prizes will be placed on November 30th and they will delivered within 2 weeks, well BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How do you use the Jordan Essentials Premier Home Spa System?

One of the GREAT things about Jordan Essentials, is that we understand that when you get your "Systems" home,  the tough part is remembering how to use your products.   After all,  you've slept since then,  and have been running the business of your day to day life!

So we include a little note card in each "SYSTEM" that explains the steps to follow,  however I know I change it up depending on how I'm feeling,  or what my body is telling me it needs.

 For example our Premier Home Spa System includes these steps for a luxurious Premier spa experience:

1.  Run a warm bath and sprinkle 1 capful of Dead Sea Salts under running water
2.  Add a capful of Shower Gel under running water to create a rich bubble bath.
3.  Light the Soy Candle and place on a safe surface
4.  Once in the tub,  use Salt Scrub for all over exfoliation, concentrating expecially on rought feet and elbows
5.  Once out of the tub,  pat dry and use Shea Butter or Body Lotion all over
6.  Spritz your body with Hydrating Body Spritzer and, if heading to bed, spritz your sheets as well!
7.  Apply Aluminum Free Deodorant for healthy freshness that will last all day.
8.  Use the Lip Butter over your lips for softness with SPF 15 and wrinkle reducers
9.  Finishing step:  Smooth the world famous Lotion Bar on hands, feet and elbows to seal in the moisture.

This system also contains a FREE Soap Saver.  Add Shower Gel as instructed and use as a hand soap or enjoy in the shower with a Bath Scrunchie!

**  You have a choice of ALL Signature Scents,  including unscented
***  Using as a gift,  Personalize,  up to 13 letters for $10.00 more
****  Your choice of Shea Butter or the Hand and Body Lotion

Order ONLINE in November and receive both the $5.00 and FREE  SPECIALS!!!!!!

Product #  60623

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 20th, Jordan Essentials Opportunity Call!

Jordan Essentials Opportunity Call

October 20th, 7:30 pm
Call in 712-432-0075    Code 124985

Create your future, JOIN Jordan Essentials!!!!! All Products are Made in America.

We'll help you get started on your STRONG PATH to SUCCESS!!!

Get PAID to Party, and take home weekly checks

  • Own your own business
  • High quality bath, body and spa products
  • Personal web store
  • Weekly training 
  • American owned and operated 
  • Rapid promotion
  • Great pay plan 
  • Set your own hours
Join us to find out more about what Jordan Essentials has to offer, just pick up your telephone, dial in 712-432-0075 and enter code 124985.

We will welcome you to Jordan Essentials bath, body & spa! In your hands you will hold great skin care solutions, an opportunity to enjoy great bath, body and spa products. Not to mention our wonderful Mineral Makeup. It's a great way to earn extra or full time income.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Caught my Dad's attention!!!

My Jordan Essentials order came in,  in last week,  I was traveling so I did not get a chance to rip it open and check out our NEW Limited Edition Holiday Scent

"Home for the Holidays"

Hand Wash / Hand & Body Lotion

Well,  when I opened the box,  I just had to try our Limited Edition Scent "Home for the Holidays".  LOVED IT!!!!  
Put it on,  then went about catching up on everything that was piled up on my desk at work,  my Dad walked into my office,  and said  "Something smells really good,  is that your STUFF!!!  I LIKE IT!!!!

Now you have to understand in the 9+ years that I've been representing and using Jordan Essentials,  my dad has never commented on any of the scents to me,  so I can see this "Home for the Holidays" gift set being the perfect gift for several members of my family!   Ummm and at the price, of only $25.00 for the set,  maybe a few others as well.

Our  "Home for the Holidays"  says Welcome Home!  Warm, inviting scents of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg all in a Hand Wash and Hand & Body Lotion.  Beautiful, festive containers welcome everyone to your bathroom or kitchen!   $25.00  Get the set and save!   #25036   

**  The items can be purchased seperately  Hand Wash  $12.00  #13136   and Hand & Body Lotion $15.00  #16036

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jordan Essentials is for Men too!

We don't forget about the men in our lives,  and neither should you!

Jordan Essentialsin addition to having our unscented line,  we have carried  Mountain Chill and Coastal Blue for quite some time.  Both very popular with the men in our lives!

Men's Holiday Gift Set
Limited Edition for the Holidays

Men deserve to be pampered too!  All of his favorite products in crisp Mountain Chill Fragrance  $55.00  a savings of $7.50!!!!

Includes:  After Shave Lotion, Dead Sea Salts, Shower Gel, Deodorant and a stocking size lotion all in a silver gift bag!

Let's be honest,  most men's products are bought by women!  Why not use your great skin care knowledge and family friendly products for the men in your house?  They will love the clean, masculine fragrances and you will love knowing you are taking care of your loved ones with Healthy skin care products.

Remember  place your order ONLINE in October for this wonderful set and qualify for our "FREE" purse size lotion as as little bonus for you,  keep for your self,  use as a stocking stuffer or gift!  $6.00 Value!!!

**  The  Jordan Essentials After Shave Lotion is a NEW Product in our Fall/Winter Catalog . . request our Product Information sheet

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tip: LIPS . . . .

A Red Lip,  or something like 
Jordan Essentials
       "Remarkable Red
                    or "Ready! Set! Go! Red!"

Make Up Artist  Cass Brake.  says that a RED LIP is perfect for FALL.   Apply lipstick,  then blot it  with a tissuet,to extend it's staying power. . . 

You'll love the feel of the Jordan Essentials lipstick with Shea Butter . . . 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jordan Essentials October ONLINE ORDERS SPECIAL!!!!!

As a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU,  Jordan Essentials is offering you a FREE gift with all order of $50.00 or more while shopping at my online store  during the Month of October.   A FREE Purse Size Lotion,  one of our very popular items!    It's a $6.00 value.....Catherine James

We have have so many EXCITING things happing here at Jordan Essentials, one of the most exciting is a SPECIAL OFFER for ONLINE Orders. Your FREE gift for shopping my webstore for the month of October is a very popular Purse Size Lotion!* A $6 Value!

Pop one in your purse this winter and enjoy soft, smooth, healthy skin for FREE.

Simply go to my website and add the item code FREEOCT to your order when you have $50 in product sales and it will be added to your order.

* Enjoy a popular fragrance chosen at random. Available online only with a $50 retail product cart order. Limit one per customer.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where was Jordan Essentials when I was a teen?

It seemed like most of my life I spent fighting "Acne", it was a constant battle all through middle and high school, even into my 20's. Since I started using the Jordan Essentials I actually receive comments about how great my skin looks.

Now Jordan Essentials has a WONDERFUL "Acne Kit" perfect for your Teens and Pre-teens, this simple kit will.

The Jordan Essentials Acne Treatment System with Willow Bark Extract.

Acne at any age is a problem!  Safe and effective,  the Jordan Essentials Acne Systems helps clear and heal damaged skin and is safe to use with all our other products.  Enriched with Willow Bark the Acne Treatment System is a healthy botanical powerhouse to fight acne.  $30.00 includes carrying case

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jordan Essentials and Woman's World Recommend CoQ10!

August 29th Women’s World recommends Co Q 10!

"Over time sun damage can create a blotchy freckled appearance. You can reverse the damage with a cream containing Co Q 10!” Try the new improved Time Rewind Eye Cream now with Co Q 10! Great for your eyes and your budget, September Hostess special enjoy it for only $5. Contact your me Today! I will  be happy to help you try our Time Rewind with Co Q 10!

What Makes Isotonix® Coenzyme Q10 Unique?

Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient that plays a vital role in health maintenance. It contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system, periodontal health, healthy blood sugar levels, and maintenance of cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations. It also helps sustain vitamin E levels in cell membranes, energizing the immune system and helping to maintain a healthy weight.

A person's heart beats, on average, 100,000 times each day, which adds up to about 36 million times per year. CoQ10 is the vital nutrient that initiates energy production at the cellular level that powers the heart and acts as a powerful antioxidant when combined with vitamin E. Within a cell it serves as a carrier of electrons in the electron transport chain, neutralizes free radicals and helps protect the integrity of the mitochondrial membrane.

As individuals age, the ability to synthesize coenzyme Q10 begins to decline. Sometimes this is due to poor eating habits or stress, but the main challenge for most people is the ability to choose the right foods containing CoQ10 and other nutrients needed to manufacture CoQ10 within the body. It is a combination of both that provides the body with the best possible amount of CoQ10 for optimal health.

Absorption and efficacy of nutritional supplements are two important features to examine when selecting a nutritional supplement and Isotonix Coenzyme Q10 delivers both. This su pplement is in the form of an isotonic fluid, which helps the nutrients to be absorbed into your system more quickly. It is best taken on an empty stomach and when the isotonic fluid enters the body it is delivered to the small intestine nutritionally concentrated. Then, it is naturally absorbed into the blood stream at a rapid pace and little nutritive value is lost. Since the antioxidants are in an isotonic solution, it minimizes the chance that important nutrients will be trapped by fats, fibers and tannins, or inactivated by the highly acidic environment of the stomach.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The FALL/WINTER Jordan Essentials Release in one word: AMAZING

To be honest Jordan Essentials product releases are always AMAZING.   But I believe that in my 9 1/2 years with the company that this is the FIRST TIME that there has been something included for every member of your family.   Starting off with the kids line,  add the Acme Treatment for the tweenys and teens, Aftershave for the men,  and some wonderful NEW products designed with YOU in mind.

Just take a look at our BRAND NEW Catalog . . .

 Remember if you're located in the Houston Area  Aug 30th will be our SPAtastic Event, and you will be able to try out some of our NEW Products,  have a little hand pampering and lots of FUN!
More information about the event  click here
Contact me to learn how you can receive a PREMIER SET in your favorite Jordan Essentials Scent for 1/2 price saving you more then $40.00!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

So Many Exciting Things Going on!

It is FRIDAY!!! Do you know what that means??? TOMORROW is the Jordan Essentials FALL PRODUCT LINE LAUNCH!! JE officially launches their new products and catalog. I'll be watching online here on Facebook.

THEN, I will be sharing the New and Good ole Favorite prodcuts at SPAtastic! Tuesday, Aug 30th at The Terrace in Webster. Drop by and enjoy the fun, games and PAMPERING!! Check out the Flyer for more details or see my webstore at

Today I joined a NEW FACEBOOK group, and am excited about participating with. If you have a blog, or are looking for some GREAT Blogs to follow you might want to drop in and check it out 

Hope you are able to check out the Jordan Essentials product Launch on the Jordan Essentials Facebook page and while you're there check out the Networking Your Blog

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

National Wife Appreciation Day

Guysthis is for you!  We know that you want to surprise your wife by letting her know that you are at the "top of your game"  and "are in the know" with a beautiful set that fits your budget.  Your choice of Scents  or hers . .

(Ladies, if you have someone that needs a nudge,  just let me know, and I'll be happy to provide that gentle nudge)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hurry time is Running Out for Terrific TEAL Mineral Eye Shadow!!!!

LIMITED EDITION Terrific Teal Eye Shadow!

Terrific Shadow to create a unique smokey eye. Use as a shocking shade of liner or for an all-over lid look.
Purchase $50 in products August 1st - 31st, get this shadow for ONLY $5! 

A $7.00 Savings for a Limited Edition Color! 

Safe Mineral Eye Makeup you can use wet or dry for different looks

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FD&C Color Free Products from Jordan Essentials!

At Jordan Essentials, the colors we use in our products are federally regulated and as safe to put in a cupcake as they are to put in Shea Butter. Some families, however, choose to use colorless products. Jordan Essentials supports your family's choice with a variety of color free products and fragrance lines!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mark you Calendars: SPAtastic Jordan Essentials Fall Products Invitation

For those of you not located in the Houston Area or unable to attend,  there will be a special drawing for a FULL SIZE product from our FALL LAUNCH  for all those who place an order from NOW until
August 30th, at  9pm 

Rosacea? Jordan Essentials can help!

Nancy Bogart,  our Founder,  believe it or not she does have Rosacea

This morning Nancy shared the following with us,  about how she controls her  Rosacea

I too have rosacea although I forget that I do with the Jordan face care line! I believe the age defying serum is fabulous follow with tinted moisturizer and the mineral make up. They lay light on the skin and do not irritate. The ...rosacea is blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. I do not exfoliate very often at all to keep my skin calm. I LOVE the gentle cleaner in the soap saver and volia I am off and running. I do use all three serums (of course I love them all) but the age defying is what I belive with the grapeseed oil and elastomers that really smooth and sooth my skin. It also had natural PH and oil control properties so it make the best primer too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weight Watchers says to Spritz with Jasmine Body Spray!!!!!!!

Want to overcome anxiety? Weight Watchers Magazine says "Spritz with Jasmine Body Spray". Studies show it helps people overcome anxious situations." Thanks Weight Watchers! Try Jordan Essentials Jasmine Orchid for a boost of confidence today!

We have a complete line of Jasmine products. . . at the last show that I did,  we completely SOLD OUT of everything in the Jasmine scent!

Jordan Essentials Spritzers  are a  refreshing spray that is perfect to layer over the application of the Lotion Bar or Body Lotion to leave your skin feeling hydrated and fragrant. Bonus Use: Add spritzer in tabletop fountains and enjoy the fragrant aroma in any room

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

It may be tempting to just brush on minerals like loose powder,  but don't!   Mineral makeup is much less translucent than loose powder and is meant to be worn as foundation, so you need to apply it sparingly and build it in stages to achieve the ideal look.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Sprinkle a small amount of product onto the lid
  2. Take your Kabuki brush and dab it into the powder.  Rotate the bristles down into the powder, working the product up into the brush.  You want to get the powder into the bristles rather then sitting on the tips.  The white bristles help you see how much you have in your brush.
  3. Starting at the center of your face (your forehead is a good place to start) butt the brush against your skin in a circular motion,  working towards the edges of your face.
  4. Continue to buss until you need to add more product.  You should only need to add more once or twice during the application.  Less is more!   Layer the miners until you feel you have good coverage.  1 for sheer natural and up to 3 for a more made-up look.
  5. The buffing motion is key to flawless application.  It works the minerals into your skin so they adhere and blends it out so it's the same consistency everywhere on your face.
  6. To use the mineral makeup powder as concealer,  simply dip your concealer brush into the powder and apply to the area you wish to conceal.  You can use the Kabuki Brush afterwards to smooth out any excess

Monday, July 25, 2011

ABC's Made in America List of Businesses

American Made, American Owned and featured on ABC World News Tonight! Support your American Families and shop Jordan Essentials bath and body! Click on Missouri!

Thank you ABC for your support!

Find Made in America Goods in Every State.
Click on Missouri
Jordan Essentials   Nixa  MO
then type in Catherine James or Rep ID  #3854

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jordan Essentials Product Focus: Skin Firming Serum!

Skin Firming Serum!

Did you know Skin Firming Serum can be used on sunburns? The high concentration of pure 100% aloe with the botanical blend of green tea and seaweed make a powerful burn serum.

Did you know you can mix your serums? Mix 2 or all three together in your daily treatments depending on what your skin needs.

Did you know bug bites feel better with a little Skin Firming Serum on them? Cool and soothe irritated skin on any area that is bugging you!
I love my skin firming serum.  Every morning I use a squirt of  my skin firming serum with a squirt of my age defying serum and apply to my face before putting on my moisturizer.  These products can be found under Facical Essentials in my webstore at

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Tip: Soft Summer Legs

Soft Summer Legs

Quick tip for summer soft legs! Exfoliate with JE Salt Scrub and rinse. Put JE Shower Gel on a Large JE Scrunchie and lather up your legs. Add the JE Daily Conditioner to the lather and shave. The Daily Conditioner softens the hair follicles so shaving is close but not too close!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Jordan Essentials "Zit Kit" for your teens skin care

I remember my teenage years like they were yesterday,  it was an ongoing battle against the "zits" that would show up over night out of nowhere, especially when I had something super special that I wanted to look nice for.

It was an ongoing battle that I routinely lost,  not only through my teens,  but even in my 20's.   I think I tried every over the counter product that there was.   Now years later (I won't say how many) I'm getting comments about my complexion. . .  about how great it looks.    Something that seems so foriegn to me,  but I attribute it all to Jordan Essentials and their skin care products.

Please note that  the "girls" in our families are not the only ones who can benefit from  what I'm calling the "Zit Kit", but so can our "boys"  (actually I have to thank one of my upline for the name tag, as that's what her boys call it).

First,  you the spa polish daily,  great for removing those extra oils that are produced by those overactive teenage glands
Second,  Use our Toner to spritz on a facial pad to clean off the extra dirt,  it also helps to tighten those pores.  
Third,   Use weekly,  more if needed   our Clay Mask

All products are available through my Jordan Essentials Store

Friday, July 1, 2011

Love Fridays

I just LOVE FRIDAYS . . . .

Just like most of you,  it's getting ready for the weekend,  but it also gives me an opportunity for a little ME time,  not to mention time with HUBBY.  

I particulary LOVE first Friday's of the month,  as the New Jordan Essentials Specials are launched,  our Company Newsletter goes out and I always put at least ONE NEW thing on my today to list to check out and get involved in.

Today I'm actually participating in my FIRST BLOG HOP,  this is where many of us who have blogs wish to share them with others and see if anything peeks your interest.  It truly is amazing how many different topics,  things we choose to share and the opportunity to learn from each other!  To check out other blogs,  just click on the FROG. Enjoy!

Why not check out something new today,  for example read through some of the older posts her on my blog,  especially the "Hot Sheets".   Oh and don't be bashful,  please feel free to leave a comment or two.

Thank you for stopping by.


P. S.  If you would like to receive future copies of my monthly Jordan Essentials Newsletter please click here


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacations . . . .

I love getting away with my husband.  The week before we left meant extra hours at work getting everything lined up  to bring everyone in the office up to speed on what I was working on,  and what might be happening during the week that I'm gone.  Then there is getting everything packed and ready.  So I'm happy for a 14 hour drive,  as it gives me a chance to wind down.

Our annual trip is to New Mexico,  but we went to a different part this time,  and we spent 8 days in SUN, WIND, and what seemed to be a constant DUST DEVIL!    None of which are good for the skin.  Had several friends from home with us at this event and all were commenting about how well I was looking, given the extreme problems that everyone was having.  Jordan Essentials was the answer I promised to share my secrets on my blog when I got back.


(JE)Sea Spa Shower Gel -- worked well in both Freezing Cold and Boiling Hot Water -- temp regulation seemed to be an additional problem
(JE) Sweet Cucumber Melon Pump Lotion -- an extra helping on Arms and Legs
(All JE) Age Defying SerumSkin Firming Serum, and Deep Daily Moisturizer  on my face and neck
(JE)  Shea Cherry lip butter  for my Lips
(JE) Sunscreen   applied to all exposed areas  (first few days forgot the back of the ears -- the only part of me that received a sunburn -- a major accomplishment for me)

During the Day:

(JE)  Shea Cherry lip butter,  and  Cranberry Lip Tube,   I kept switching off,  and kept them in the cooler.  David finally decided to give in and use the Lip "STUFF" and quickly decided that he much preferred the Cranberry Lip "STUFF"
(JE)  Personal Hand Sanitizer  as running water was not available
(JE) Sunscreen   applied to all exposed areas,  including those for hubby
(JE) Lotion Bar several times during the day,  Orchard Fresh was my Primary scent

Back at Motel:

(JE) Spa Polish  to get rid of all that grit from the dust devils
(JE) Deep Daily Moisturizer  on my face
(JE) Shea Butter  on my hands, arms and legs


(All JE) Age Defying Serum, Skin Firming Serum, and Deep Daily Moisturizer on my face and neck

(JE) Sweet Cucumber Melon Pump Lotion -- an extra helping on Arms and Legs

Mixing the scents was not a problem, David commented on how "Good I Smelled" and I had so many of our friends with a "good morning hug" comment about how good I smelled!  We have 15 Signature Scents that I could choose from

I couldn't breath from the altitude and the dust,  but my skin still looked GREAT!

Jordan Essentials Premier Set

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Healthy Sunless Tanning -- Limited Edition

The ONLY Healthy Way to Tan!

1.3 Million people will get skin cancer this year...

Consider this safe, sunless tanning system from JE!  
It gives you all the glow without the risks!

Choose from Sunkissed or Bronzed!

Kit Includes:

        Spa Polish
        Sunless Tanner
        Bronzing Powder To-Go
        FREE Coconut Papaya 2oz Lotion!
        FREE Body Buffer!

Available June 10th - 19th ONLY!

Only $46.00! SAVE $10!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Celebration! ONLINE Party

It's A Birthday Celebration~
And the Gifts are YOURS!


 Prize Drawings:

1 Lucky WINNER will receive Hostess Benefits
** party must reach $150.00**

Very Berry Sets, Travel Size Lotions, Scrunchies, Soap Sacks and more

There will also be 4 items "MYSTERY ITEMS" that when one is  purchased you will receive a  Gift From ME in the mail!

Enter the Drawings:
1 Entry to Follow me at
2 Entry for each $10.00 in Orders
2 Bonus Entries for each Mineral Makeup Item
3 Bonus Entries for $50.00 order
3 Bonus Entries for Purchase of Father’s Day Gift Set
3 Bonus Entries for any Gift Set Ordered
3 Bonus Entries for requesting Opportunity Information
3 Bonus Entries for Fundraising Lead
5 Bonus Entries for Ordering a Premier Set
5 Bonus Entries for scheduling Spa Party or Book Show
5 Bonus Entries for Joining my TEAM

The Party will remain open until 9pm June 15th  . . . .  -  Click on Shop Now
or click below

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Put a Fresh Face Forward . . .

Every weekday morning I have a little something from Denise Austin in my inbox,  this morning I was going to skip reading it,  as I'm still feeling the burn from yesterdays NEW exercise routine. . .  but the title caught my attention.

Put A Fresh Face Forward

Your face endures a lot — from wind and cold weather to pollution and the sun — every day! That's why it's so important to take care of your face now, before it's too late. You should gently cleanse your skin every day and use a daily moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. In addition, why not consider splurging on the occasional facial? [personally I love doing a Jordan Essentials facial at home] Besides deep-cleaning your skin, facials are incredibly relaxing. After an hour, your face will glow, you'll feel super mellow, and you'll definitely want to make your next appointment!

You can also create a spalike experience at home by donning your bathrobe, dimming the lights, and burning an aromatherapy candle while you cleanse your face with an over-the-counter deep cleanser, a purifying mask, or an exfoliating scrub. Apply a warm towel to your face when you're done, then smooth a light, vitamin-rich moisturizer onto your clean, dry skin. Then say, Ahhhhh!

After reading this ". . . .you'll feel super mellow . . . "  explains a lot,  one of the things I enjoy most is using our Jordan Essentials with our Spa Polish  and facial brush.   I used to use our gentle cleanser every evening,  but I found that I feel asleep quicker when I used the Spa Polish.    My husband assured me that I was crazy.  But I've got a copy printed out,  to show him that I am sane!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jordan Essentials Launches NEW FUNdraising Program!

Jordan Essentials
NEW  FUNdraising Program

This exciting new program offers an easy, unique way to raise money for organizations, groups & individuals!

Highlights of Jordan Essentials' fundraising program include:

* A fabulous product that people WANT to purchase!
* The ability to create a CUSTOM product label for your group
* Lotion bars in ALL of Jordan Essentials' great scents
* Proceeds ranging from $1.50 to $6.00 per bar for the organization (based on sales price & independent consultant's donation)
* Colorful, easy to use order sheets with great product images
* An easy to manage fundraising program created by JE's corporate office

What is a Jordan Essentials lotion bar? It's a 1.5 oz. bar of solid lotion to be used for moisturizing those really dry skin areas like hands, feet and elbows. Key ingredients include beeswax, sweet almond oil, apricot kernal oil, and coconut oil. It is available in fabulous scents ranging from clean, fruity, floral and spa and also comes in unscented for those who may be sensitive to scents. The bar will last about 6 months and comes in a convenient tin with a colorful label. It's a great gift for a friend or yourself & you can even get it through airport security since it's a solid! (Bonus!!)

Need a fun new way to raise funds for your group? Want to be part of a great company that treats both consultants and customers like FAMILY? Check out this great new program from Jordan Essentials!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tuesday TIP: Hair Care                    Massaging your scalp can improve circulation to your hed and promote hair 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jordan Essentials Serums . . .

Skin Firming Serums 

Having gone years without doing anything special with my face, other then cleansing and moisturizing. I thought that I did not need to use anything else. 

Then came along our serums.,  tried them and quickly found that they were something that I absolutely could not live without.  

Our Age Defying Serum is proven to reduce wrinkles up to 84%.  Feel a difference almost immediately and see a visible difference in 10-14 days.  Not only is it one of my favorites,  but also our founder's and CEO,  Nancy Bogart.

Our Skin firming serum will awaken, tone, firm and replenish  with concentrated botanicals in a rich aloe base.  I enjoy layered with my moisturizer.

Email me today to request your sample and I know you too will find that it's a MUST for you to have!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Life would have been so different . . .

It seems like  I spent most of my pre-teen and teenage years battling Acme and oily skin. . . Heck even into my 20 and 30's.   Then it was like someone flipped a switch, and I was fighting dry skin except for that "T" Zone which as still oily,  then back to extremely dry.  But at least the acme was gone.  

Well gone except for when I indulged in too much chocolate!  What woman does not need her chocolate!

I can honestly say that I do not ever remember anyone complementing me on how great my skin looked.   But that was OK,  at least I know that I had finally won the battle, well most of the time anyway.  

This past week I've been out and about at a lot of meetings,  many of the people had not seen me in a year or two,  so you can imagine my surprise when I received complement after complement about how great my healthy my skin was looking. 

Thank you Jordan Essentials.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Your feet carry your around all day . . .

Happy Feet Spa

A home pedicure in a box!

Soak in Dead Sea Salts, exfoliate with salt scrub, polish with pumice and finish your treatment with Peppermint Foot Cream. Everything you need to treat, spoil and pamper your feet!

Add a Pedi Stick ~ a lotion bar just for feet!

The Happy Feet Spa Set is $25.00,  add the Pedi Stick for a total of $32.00  a savings of $1.00


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Become a Bathing Beauty!

By Denise Austin

There's nothing like a hot shower or bath before crawling into bed at night. And did you know that establishing a before-bed bathing routine can actually help you make the most of your z's? That's right! When you take a warm bath or shower, your body temperature rises while you're in the water, and it gradually cools once you step out. That change in temperature makes you drowsy and sends a signal to your brain that it's time to go to sleep.

A soothing shower or bath also relaxes your muscles, which also sets you up for a good night's rest. And the time spent lathering up can act as an effective buffer between the whirl of your everyday life and your bed — a place where all that anxiety doesn't belong!

Try it tonight! Take a warm shower, using some of your favorite. yummy-smelling bath products. Then change into your softest pajamas and climb into your bed, made up with fresh, cool sheets. Enjoy! The night is yours for a long, lovely sleep.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Show those special people in your life how truly appreciated they are with this Limited Edition Appreciation Lotion Bar!

Great for Mother's Day, Administrative Professionals Day office gifts, end-of-the-year Teacher's gifts, even Easter!

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Fragrance!  

$7.50 each Item #  11050

Order your's TODAY,  and keep on hand for those moments when you need that little THANK YOU GIFT

Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't go Naked!

Lips . . . .

Never let them go Naked!

A simple way for taking your look to the next level,  one that I'm still working on myself, after years of  letting my lips go Naked!

So now I keep both lipstick and lip gloss in my purse,  and uses one or the other  depending if I'm suiting up for a business meeting or throwing on my jeans to run errands on the weekend.

Make sure that you take time to throw on some lip gloss -- even if it is just a pale pink as it will give your lips a little shine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mother's Day and Jordan Essentials

A sweet gift set for Mom, Grandma, or that someone special on your list this spring!

Includes a Jasmine Orchid Lotion Bar, Soy Candle and an exclusive Pink Lemonade Lip Shine in a cute gift tote!

Get one for $25.00 or TWO for $40! SAVE $10!

#25015 for single
#250152 for TWO!

Available through May 15th!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aluminum Free Deodorant from Jordan Essentials

"The first thing they told my Aunt Doris when she went to MD Anderson for breat cancer treatment was to not use deodorant with aluminum!  We were quick to ship her a JE Deodorant in her favorite Pearberry fragrance.  When she showed it to them they put their stamp of approval on it and our Shea Butter!   Aunt Doris is not cancer free and still using JE Aluminum FREE Deodorant!"

Nancy Bogart,  Founder, Jordan Essentials

Order yours TODAY:
Choose from Signature Fragrances and Unscented too!
$12.00 plus tax and shipping

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Perfect Gift Choice for your Administrative Assistant

Administrative Professional's Day is Wednesday, April 27th, 2011....just around the corner! Start planning now on a special gift to show your appreciation. Jordan Essentials offers a variety of products including unique, personalized gifts and also Gift Certificates too. Pamper a special someone today!

We have numerous gift sets that are the ideal gift!

This first set is our Premier Set,  available for $89.00, a savings of $18.50!  in any one of our signature scents or unscented.  Indulge oneself from head to toe. This is our best collection for a complete healthy in home spa collection. Includes: Soy Candle, Dead Sea Salts, Shower Gel, Salt Scrub, Deodorant, Shea Butter Tube or Hand & Body Lotion, Lotion Bar, shea cherry Lip Butter, and Hydrating Body Spritzer all in a beautiful gift box or tote bag. Personalize for $10 more

Our next popular set is our  Everyday Home Spa Set- save $9.25!

Includes: Lotion Bar, 4oz. Shea Butter Tube, 8oz. Salt Scrub, 9fl oz. Shower Gel, Soap Saver, and Unscented SPF 15 Lip Tube.  You can subsitute the Shea Body Butter Tube with our Pump Hand and Body lotion for the same price

Price: $49.00  Personalize for $5.00 more

Basic Home Spa System save $3.75!  My most popular selling set.

Includes: Lotion Bar, 4 fl oz. Shea Body Butter Tube, and 8 oz. Salt Scrub. Our three most popular products. A great way to try Jordan Essentials products. Save with system.  You can subsitute the Shea Body Butter Tube with our Pump Hand and Body lotion for the same price. 
Price: $29.00  Personalize for $5.00 more.

Order online TODAY  at my webstore