Thursday, January 27, 2011

Densie Austin: Get Smart About Skin Care!

One of the steadies in my life the past two years are the Morning Streatch emails that I receive from Denise Austin.  These emails have helped to keep me motivated in my weight loss and maintaining goals. 

Sometimes it's about exercise,  sometimes about great meals,  and sometimes motivationial.   Today's was about skin care.   Something that we forget about as important part of our daily life.   So I wanted to share with you Denise's words about skin care this morning.

Feel Great!   Get Smart About Skin Care!

Taking care of your skin is so important — it's out there for the world to see, and it has to last you a lifetime! A good skin care regimen is a daily commitment, but it should take only a few minutes. The results will be worth it!

While a good dermatologist can help you tackle any serious skin issues, good skin care generally boils down to three key steps: cleanse, rejuvenate, and moisturize. First, make washing your face a must-do part of your morning and nighttime routines — and never, ever go to bed with makeup on! If you need a reminder, keep a gentle skin cleanser right out on the countertop. Next, at night, undo the day's damage to your skin with a concentrated repair serum. These products pack a powerful punch and work like your very own fountain of youth. Finally, finish with a moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 15 to help prevent signs of aging and keep your skin looking fresh and smooth. If you'd like, add an eye cream or night cream for added defense against wrinkles.

And there you have it! Having a gorgeous, healthy complexion isn't hard, and just as with exercise and eating right, the effort you invest today will really pay off in the long run! Go for the glow!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday TIP:

Tuesday TIP:

Directions for Usage:   Applying your mascara should be the last step in your makeup routine.  Use wand to apply in short, upward strokes.  Let dry and apply second coat for added volume.  To remove,  use the foaming face wash gently over closed eyes and wash away with wet wash cloth.  Follow up your great eye care with the Time Rewind Eye Cream!

Benefits: Every Woman wants thick beautiful eyelashes! Every woman NEEDS healthy mascara!

Your eyes are your window to the world. Take care of them with Jordan Essentials paraben free, mineral oil free mascara! its lash building formula will not flake or smudge and is safe for contact lens users. Add Volume and confidence with the new Volumizing Lash Building Mascara! 

Jordan Essentials NEW  Intense Volume Mascara  is only $18.00.    It's made with Beeswax for a natural look and feel.  Beeswax will keep your mascara from flaking.  We know it is good for you in the Lotion Bar and now it's perfect in your mascara!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jordan Essentials Spring Product Line is HERE!

New Spring Scent

Jasmine Orchid

Other NEW Items Include:

Dead Sea Body Mud Mask
Anti-Aging Mask
New Eye Shadow Colors:  Petal Pink and Plumtastic
New Blush:  Brilliant Berry
New Lip Colors:  Positively Pink and Ready! Set! Go! Red
Lip Tube:  Cranberry has been added to collection
Make-Up Travel Kit

New Hostess Only Collection: 
Exclusive Jasmine Orchid Countertop Duo

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Perfect in PINK!


Special Valentine's Gift Set

Exceed her expectations this Valentines Day.

Give the special Valentines in your life something that says "You are Beautiful!"     Give the special Sweetheart Gift Set!

A Black Raspberry Vanilla Candle, Hand Lotion, Lotion Bar and Shimmering Pink Lip Gloss in a pretty red bag ready to give!    Only $32.50

Available through February 15th.  "specials"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Do you use Salt Scrub?

Salt Scrub

I find that Salt  Scrub is one of our most misunderstood products.  Why you may ask,  is many do not realize that there are many great uses for this wonderful product.

I was one of those who had to learn about the benefits of this wonder product,  by experiencing it first hand.

The first question out of my mouth was WHY would I want to put something rough against my skin and rub.  I think not.

Then when I became a representative for Jordan Essentials I knew that I could not sell something that I have not tried.   So I bit the bullet so to speak,  and went to the kitchen sink and washed my hands with it.    OMG, why didn't I try THIS before!

I even read up on salt scrubs and they are the perfect way to exfoliate and remove dead skin that we all have.

Put some on a scrunchie in the shower,  and it just washing away those dry flakes of skin, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. . . no more while flakes inside my slacks when I take them off in the winter.   Also love using it on my feet.

In the Kitchen,  many of my friends would think that I don't do much cooking,  because I'm of the school 20 minutes or less.  However I do cook and cook with onions and  garlic  both of which can have lingering smells,  no matter how many times you wash your hands.   Well I found that I don't have the lingering scents of dinner if I was my hands with our Salt Scrub.

For the Guys,  yes many men need the same help that we do,  and exfoliating that dead skin would be a big help to them, especially their hands and feet.  There's not a heavy oily feeling with the Jordan Essentials Salt Scrub so they're willing to use it,  my husband started off using to get rid of the grease that he gets on his hands.

Stop wasting your money by putting lotion over dead skin and use the Jordan Essentials perfectly blended salts and rich essential oils.     Available in all Signature Fragrances and Naturally Unscented.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

$11 Tinted Moisturizer!

Big Savings!!

Get a Tinted Moisturizer for $11 for the first 11 days of January!

Wow a savings of $9.00! What a way to start the New Year right, smart AND beautiful!