Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Do you use Salt Scrub?

Salt Scrub

I find that Salt  Scrub is one of our most misunderstood products.  Why you may ask,  is many do not realize that there are many great uses for this wonderful product.

I was one of those who had to learn about the benefits of this wonder product,  by experiencing it first hand.

The first question out of my mouth was WHY would I want to put something rough against my skin and rub.  I think not.

Then when I became a representative for Jordan Essentials I knew that I could not sell something that I have not tried.   So I bit the bullet so to speak,  and went to the kitchen sink and washed my hands with it.    OMG, why didn't I try THIS before!

I even read up on salt scrubs and they are the perfect way to exfoliate and remove dead skin that we all have.

Put some on a scrunchie in the shower,  and it just washing away those dry flakes of skin, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. . . no more while flakes inside my slacks when I take them off in the winter.   Also love using it on my feet.

In the Kitchen,  many of my friends would think that I don't do much cooking,  because I'm of the school 20 minutes or less.  However I do cook and cook with onions and  garlic  both of which can have lingering smells,  no matter how many times you wash your hands.   Well I found that I don't have the lingering scents of dinner if I was my hands with our Salt Scrub.

For the Guys,  yes many men need the same help that we do,  and exfoliating that dead skin would be a big help to them, especially their hands and feet.  There's not a heavy oily feeling with the Jordan Essentials Salt Scrub so they're willing to use it,  my husband started off using to get rid of the grease that he gets on his hands.

Stop wasting your money by putting lotion over dead skin and use the Jordan Essentials perfectly blended salts and rich essential oils.     Available in all Signature Fragrances and Naturally Unscented.

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