Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let me Count the Ways . . .

That you can use our
           Lotion Bars

Like most of my customers,  the lotion bar is the product that I have used.  I used it on my hands, and loved the way there were left feeling,  not to mention how much they improved the condition that left my hands feeling so much better.

Let me count some of the OTHER ways that customers use our lotion bars,  and you too will see just how versitile they are.

  1. To moisturize your hands
  2. Try using the Lotion Bar on rough elbows
  3. Are you a Gardener?  Then run your fingernails over the edge to get under your nails,  you'll love how easy your hands clean up
  4. Did you know that it's suggested that you do not use products like OFF on children under 1,  but it's safe to use our lotion bars . . . you won't believe how well it works to protect your baby.
  5. Speaking of Babies,  the lotion bar can also be a wondful way to protect your babies bottom side
  6. Have short hair,  great for helping to style or spike you hair
  7. FEET,  oh so helpful on protecting your feet. . . Men especially love this use,  as many have cracking and bleeding heels from the work boots.
  8. I have allergies and a couple times of year my nose gets so raw, and applying the Lotion Bar does wonder for easing the discomfort and healing.
  9. One customer even uses it as an air freshener in her van
  10. Quilters . . your needles will just slide through the cloth without staining the material,  just sick your quilting needles in the bar to coat
Lotion Bars are available in all of our Scents, plus Naturally Unscented. . . available one lotion bar at a time for $7.50  or in 5 packs for $35.50

There are many more uses for this wonderful product,  share with us how you use your lotion bar, even if listed above,  we would love to hear from you.

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ABWA said...

from: Tara Cook: I've been giving out the lotion bars and ladies LOVE it! Hope u get lots of business. Went to a Scentsy mini convention tonight and gave some away! Ariann my sponsor has been raving about u coming to her open house on May 7th!