Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pink or Red this Spring?

Pink or Red?
Your Lipstick choice this spring says a lot about you! Pink you are super feminine and flirty. Red says you are ready to get out and have some fun!
Which are you? Positively Pink or Ready! Set! Go! Red!
Personally I have spent most of my life not wearing Lipstick, tried a few ones over the years,  but nothing that I felt comfortable in wearing.  (Well I did find one a few years back,  but of course the entire product was discontinued).     I love wearing the Jordan Essentials Lipstick,  of course I'm more the  "Remarkable Red" then "Ready! Set! Go! Red!".
David,  usually referred to as "hubby" has made comment that my lips are so much softer.   So why not look good and have softer lips at the same time!
No mineral oil or harmful chemicals.  Women lick their lips all day long, so it's important to us that we provide a "safe" product.  We know what is in our Lipstick,  do you!
Jordan Essential lipsticks are available in the following shades:

Mauvelous Pink
Remarkable Red
Positively Pink
Outstanding Orange
Ready! Set! Go! Red!

$18.00 each

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