Friday, February 4, 2011

True Inner Beauty

By Nancy Bogart  Founder/CEO

When polled in an independent study, 62% of women said they are more afraid of looking old than growing old. Why not have it all! Grow old, look great and feel great about it! Confi-dence is beautiful. Cleopatra was known for her beauty. Did you know she was not a stop and drop your jaw beauty? She was renowned for her inner beauty and health. She had 4 children, ran the palace and made no excuses. She had the first Dead Sea mines and was known to love botanical beauty treatments.

"For her beauty, as we are told, was in itself not altogether incomparable, nor such as to strike those who saw her; but converse with her had an irresistible charm, and her presence, combined with the persuasiveness of her discourse and the character which was somehow diffused about her behavior towards others, had something stimulating about it. There was sweetness also in the tones of her voice; and her tongue, like an instrument of many strings, she could readily turn to whatever lan-guage she pleased..." Plutarch, Life of Antony (XXVII)

As we all grow older, our inner beauty is our strength. We do not have to look like magazine models, nor do we have to make it to the top of the corporate ladder, forgetting our children in the process. Jordan Essentials is a great place to become a woman of inner beauty. We value the person you are and want to empower you to be all you want to be. You can work at a cosmetic counter for an hourly wage, or you can join the journey with Jordan Essentials and become the strong, confident woman you want to be.

I believe you are all beautiful, and I am thrilled and eager to continue on this journey with you!

Nancy Bogart

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