Monday, March 28, 2011

What your Colors Say about you.

This is a posting that Nancy Bogart our founder and CEO shared on her  Jordan Essentials Blog,  and I thought you would find it interesting.

Have you ever seen a magazine and they ask you to pick a color and then tell you what it means about your personality?
Mine really has changed over the years, so it is hard to say one color over another. Yes, there are colors I look better in but I am pretty much a free spirit when it comes to colors.

Recently I read a Martha Stewart tip to color coordinate your closet. I am about as far from Martha Stewart as you can be. She wears khaki, I do not own anything khaki, but she has a point. I moved all of the pinks together, all of the greens, all of the blacks etc in my closet. I wondered to myself how long this would last. I LOVE IT!
Organization actually helps my creative spirit. I go in and think “How am I feeling today?” if it is pink I go to pink and then match my pants and shoes and off I go. I like to be ready to go in about 30 minuets. Must be my ADD.

My Mineral Make up color choices came next. How can I use this info to have a great, easy, pretty routine in the morning that makes me feel good about my finished look.

Step 1. I have 3 base colors. Depending on what I am wearing I pick my base shade of color. Most days it is Jordan Essentials White Sands on a dry eye shadow brush. Sometimes when I feel a little glamorous I wet the brush. Recently introduced I love the new Jordan Essentials Petal Pink. I did not think of myself as a pink eye shadow girl but it is sheer and beautiful as a base color. My third base is Aztec Gold for a bright eye day and no shimmer. Most days I like to shimmer.

Step 2. I have 2 Liner Colors. I used Chestnut Brown FOREVER, and thought it was time to really up “my look” to something new. Plumtastic and Emerald Green are my two new liner loves. The angled brush makes all the difference. Everything I read and the experts I talk to all say, the brush makes the difference and I have to agree. I love the liner brush wet and have not missed the pencil liners of my past pre JE Minerals!

Step 3. To smudge or not to smudge. I use the applicator that comes with my liner color and make a light or dark c shape from the outer corner of my eye and smudge the liner a little for a more smokey finish to my eyes.

However, some days I chose not to accent or smudge at all, just line. My lashes are pale yellow so I have to do something.

Step 4. a New Mascara! WOW your mascara really counts. I take my time with the new Volumizing Jordan Essentials Mascara, I LOVE IT! It gives a wet look without clumping. The brush is short and great to really define lashes. I have been using a second coat on the outer lashes in the corners which defines and gives my eyes a playful wink.

Step 5. Aw, just blush. I have probably not been using enough blush I learned after my makeover in Oregon with professional make up artist Jenny Karl. She started light and layered until I was just right and rosy. Too much? We just brushed a little mineral powder over the top.

I think we as women get a little caught up in wanting to have great colors that still keep us looking like ourselves. Minerals can really do that for you. They lay nicely on the skin and look lovely while lasting all day long.

I am feeling organized and ready for spring. I have worked out my closet, my colors and it really helps my confidence. Nothing is as beautiful as a confident woman in my opinion. I meet women all across the country in all shapes and sizes. The real beauty is in what she thinks about herself.

Give your closet and your make up vanity a spring check up and try your hand at something new. I think you will love it!

Believing in your beauty,

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