Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacations . . . .

I love getting away with my husband.  The week before we left meant extra hours at work getting everything lined up  to bring everyone in the office up to speed on what I was working on,  and what might be happening during the week that I'm gone.  Then there is getting everything packed and ready.  So I'm happy for a 14 hour drive,  as it gives me a chance to wind down.

Our annual trip is to New Mexico,  but we went to a different part this time,  and we spent 8 days in SUN, WIND, and what seemed to be a constant DUST DEVIL!    None of which are good for the skin.  Had several friends from home with us at this event and all were commenting about how well I was looking, given the extreme problems that everyone was having.  Jordan Essentials was the answer I promised to share my secrets on my blog when I got back.


(JE)Sea Spa Shower Gel -- worked well in both Freezing Cold and Boiling Hot Water -- temp regulation seemed to be an additional problem
(JE) Sweet Cucumber Melon Pump Lotion -- an extra helping on Arms and Legs
(All JE) Age Defying SerumSkin Firming Serum, and Deep Daily Moisturizer  on my face and neck
(JE)  Shea Cherry lip butter  for my Lips
(JE) Sunscreen   applied to all exposed areas  (first few days forgot the back of the ears -- the only part of me that received a sunburn -- a major accomplishment for me)

During the Day:

(JE)  Shea Cherry lip butter,  and  Cranberry Lip Tube,   I kept switching off,  and kept them in the cooler.  David finally decided to give in and use the Lip "STUFF" and quickly decided that he much preferred the Cranberry Lip "STUFF"
(JE)  Personal Hand Sanitizer  as running water was not available
(JE) Sunscreen   applied to all exposed areas,  including those for hubby
(JE) Lotion Bar several times during the day,  Orchard Fresh was my Primary scent

Back at Motel:

(JE) Spa Polish  to get rid of all that grit from the dust devils
(JE) Deep Daily Moisturizer  on my face
(JE) Shea Butter  on my hands, arms and legs


(All JE) Age Defying Serum, Skin Firming Serum, and Deep Daily Moisturizer on my face and neck

(JE) Sweet Cucumber Melon Pump Lotion -- an extra helping on Arms and Legs

Mixing the scents was not a problem, David commented on how "Good I Smelled" and I had so many of our friends with a "good morning hug" comment about how good I smelled!  We have 15 Signature Scents that I could choose from

I couldn't breath from the altitude and the dust,  but my skin still looked GREAT!

Jordan Essentials Premier Set

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Healthy Sunless Tanning -- Limited Edition

The ONLY Healthy Way to Tan!

1.3 Million people will get skin cancer this year...

Consider this safe, sunless tanning system from JE!  
It gives you all the glow without the risks!

Choose from Sunkissed or Bronzed!

Kit Includes:

        Spa Polish
        Sunless Tanner
        Bronzing Powder To-Go
        FREE Coconut Papaya 2oz Lotion!
        FREE Body Buffer!

Available June 10th - 19th ONLY!

Only $46.00! SAVE $10!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Celebration! ONLINE Party

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Put a Fresh Face Forward . . .

Every weekday morning I have a little something from Denise Austin in my inbox,  this morning I was going to skip reading it,  as I'm still feeling the burn from yesterdays NEW exercise routine. . .  but the title caught my attention.

Put A Fresh Face Forward

Your face endures a lot — from wind and cold weather to pollution and the sun — every day! That's why it's so important to take care of your face now, before it's too late. You should gently cleanse your skin every day and use a daily moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. In addition, why not consider splurging on the occasional facial? [personally I love doing a Jordan Essentials facial at home] Besides deep-cleaning your skin, facials are incredibly relaxing. After an hour, your face will glow, you'll feel super mellow, and you'll definitely want to make your next appointment!

You can also create a spalike experience at home by donning your bathrobe, dimming the lights, and burning an aromatherapy candle while you cleanse your face with an over-the-counter deep cleanser, a purifying mask, or an exfoliating scrub. Apply a warm towel to your face when you're done, then smooth a light, vitamin-rich moisturizer onto your clean, dry skin. Then say, Ahhhhh!

After reading this ". . . .you'll feel super mellow . . . "  explains a lot,  one of the things I enjoy most is using our Jordan Essentials with our Spa Polish  and facial brush.   I used to use our gentle cleanser every evening,  but I found that I feel asleep quicker when I used the Spa Polish.    My husband assured me that I was crazy.  But I've got a copy printed out,  to show him that I am sane!