Monday, July 18, 2011

Jordan Essentials Product Focus: Skin Firming Serum!

Skin Firming Serum!

Did you know Skin Firming Serum can be used on sunburns? The high concentration of pure 100% aloe with the botanical blend of green tea and seaweed make a powerful burn serum.

Did you know you can mix your serums? Mix 2 or all three together in your daily treatments depending on what your skin needs.

Did you know bug bites feel better with a little Skin Firming Serum on them? Cool and soothe irritated skin on any area that is bugging you!
I love my skin firming serum.  Every morning I use a squirt of  my skin firming serum with a squirt of my age defying serum and apply to my face before putting on my moisturizer.  These products can be found under Facical Essentials in my webstore at

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