Monday, July 11, 2011

Jordan Essentials "Zit Kit" for your teens skin care

I remember my teenage years like they were yesterday,  it was an ongoing battle against the "zits" that would show up over night out of nowhere, especially when I had something super special that I wanted to look nice for.

It was an ongoing battle that I routinely lost,  not only through my teens,  but even in my 20's.   I think I tried every over the counter product that there was.   Now years later (I won't say how many) I'm getting comments about my complexion. . .  about how great it looks.    Something that seems so foriegn to me,  but I attribute it all to Jordan Essentials and their skin care products.

Please note that  the "girls" in our families are not the only ones who can benefit from  what I'm calling the "Zit Kit", but so can our "boys"  (actually I have to thank one of my upline for the name tag, as that's what her boys call it).

First,  you the spa polish daily,  great for removing those extra oils that are produced by those overactive teenage glands
Second,  Use our Toner to spritz on a facial pad to clean off the extra dirt,  it also helps to tighten those pores.  
Third,   Use weekly,  more if needed   our Clay Mask

All products are available through my Jordan Essentials Store

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