Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jordan Essentials and Woman's World Recommend CoQ10!

August 29th Women’s World recommends Co Q 10!

"Over time sun damage can create a blotchy freckled appearance. You can reverse the damage with a cream containing Co Q 10!” Try the new improved Time Rewind Eye Cream now with Co Q 10! Great for your eyes and your budget, September Hostess special enjoy it for only $5. Contact your me Today! I will  be happy to help you try our Time Rewind with Co Q 10!

What Makes Isotonix® Coenzyme Q10 Unique?

Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient that plays a vital role in health maintenance. It contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system, periodontal health, healthy blood sugar levels, and maintenance of cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations. It also helps sustain vitamin E levels in cell membranes, energizing the immune system and helping to maintain a healthy weight.

A person's heart beats, on average, 100,000 times each day, which adds up to about 36 million times per year. CoQ10 is the vital nutrient that initiates energy production at the cellular level that powers the heart and acts as a powerful antioxidant when combined with vitamin E. Within a cell it serves as a carrier of electrons in the electron transport chain, neutralizes free radicals and helps protect the integrity of the mitochondrial membrane.

As individuals age, the ability to synthesize coenzyme Q10 begins to decline. Sometimes this is due to poor eating habits or stress, but the main challenge for most people is the ability to choose the right foods containing CoQ10 and other nutrients needed to manufacture CoQ10 within the body. It is a combination of both that provides the body with the best possible amount of CoQ10 for optimal health.

Absorption and efficacy of nutritional supplements are two important features to examine when selecting a nutritional supplement and Isotonix Coenzyme Q10 delivers both. This su pplement is in the form of an isotonic fluid, which helps the nutrients to be absorbed into your system more quickly. It is best taken on an empty stomach and when the isotonic fluid enters the body it is delivered to the small intestine nutritionally concentrated. Then, it is naturally absorbed into the blood stream at a rapid pace and little nutritive value is lost. Since the antioxidants are in an isotonic solution, it minimizes the chance that important nutrients will be trapped by fats, fibers and tannins, or inactivated by the highly acidic environment of the stomach.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The FALL/WINTER Jordan Essentials Release in one word: AMAZING

To be honest Jordan Essentials product releases are always AMAZING.   But I believe that in my 9 1/2 years with the company that this is the FIRST TIME that there has been something included for every member of your family.   Starting off with the kids line,  add the Acme Treatment for the tweenys and teens, Aftershave for the men,  and some wonderful NEW products designed with YOU in mind.

Just take a look at our BRAND NEW Catalog . . .

 Remember if you're located in the Houston Area  Aug 30th will be our SPAtastic Event, and you will be able to try out some of our NEW Products,  have a little hand pampering and lots of FUN!
More information about the event  click here
Contact me to learn how you can receive a PREMIER SET in your favorite Jordan Essentials Scent for 1/2 price saving you more then $40.00!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

So Many Exciting Things Going on!

It is FRIDAY!!! Do you know what that means??? TOMORROW is the Jordan Essentials FALL PRODUCT LINE LAUNCH!! JE officially launches their new products and catalog. I'll be watching online here on Facebook.

THEN, I will be sharing the New and Good ole Favorite prodcuts at SPAtastic! Tuesday, Aug 30th at The Terrace in Webster. Drop by and enjoy the fun, games and PAMPERING!! Check out the Flyer for more details or see my webstore at

Today I joined a NEW FACEBOOK group, and am excited about participating with. If you have a blog, or are looking for some GREAT Blogs to follow you might want to drop in and check it out 

Hope you are able to check out the Jordan Essentials product Launch on the Jordan Essentials Facebook page and while you're there check out the Networking Your Blog

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

National Wife Appreciation Day

Guysthis is for you!  We know that you want to surprise your wife by letting her know that you are at the "top of your game"  and "are in the know" with a beautiful set that fits your budget.  Your choice of Scents  or hers . .

(Ladies, if you have someone that needs a nudge,  just let me know, and I'll be happy to provide that gentle nudge)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hurry time is Running Out for Terrific TEAL Mineral Eye Shadow!!!!

LIMITED EDITION Terrific Teal Eye Shadow!

Terrific Shadow to create a unique smokey eye. Use as a shocking shade of liner or for an all-over lid look.
Purchase $50 in products August 1st - 31st, get this shadow for ONLY $5! 

A $7.00 Savings for a Limited Edition Color! 

Safe Mineral Eye Makeup you can use wet or dry for different looks

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FD&C Color Free Products from Jordan Essentials!

At Jordan Essentials, the colors we use in our products are federally regulated and as safe to put in a cupcake as they are to put in Shea Butter. Some families, however, choose to use colorless products. Jordan Essentials supports your family's choice with a variety of color free products and fragrance lines!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mark you Calendars: SPAtastic Jordan Essentials Fall Products Invitation

For those of you not located in the Houston Area or unable to attend,  there will be a special drawing for a FULL SIZE product from our FALL LAUNCH  for all those who place an order from NOW until
August 30th, at  9pm 

Rosacea? Jordan Essentials can help!

Nancy Bogart,  our Founder,  believe it or not she does have Rosacea

This morning Nancy shared the following with us,  about how she controls her  Rosacea

I too have rosacea although I forget that I do with the Jordan face care line! I believe the age defying serum is fabulous follow with tinted moisturizer and the mineral make up. They lay light on the skin and do not irritate. The ...rosacea is blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. I do not exfoliate very often at all to keep my skin calm. I LOVE the gentle cleaner in the soap saver and volia I am off and running. I do use all three serums (of course I love them all) but the age defying is what I belive with the grapeseed oil and elastomers that really smooth and sooth my skin. It also had natural PH and oil control properties so it make the best primer too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weight Watchers says to Spritz with Jasmine Body Spray!!!!!!!

Want to overcome anxiety? Weight Watchers Magazine says "Spritz with Jasmine Body Spray". Studies show it helps people overcome anxious situations." Thanks Weight Watchers! Try Jordan Essentials Jasmine Orchid for a boost of confidence today!

We have a complete line of Jasmine products. . . at the last show that I did,  we completely SOLD OUT of everything in the Jasmine scent!

Jordan Essentials Spritzers  are a  refreshing spray that is perfect to layer over the application of the Lotion Bar or Body Lotion to leave your skin feeling hydrated and fragrant. Bonus Use: Add spritzer in tabletop fountains and enjoy the fragrant aroma in any room

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

It may be tempting to just brush on minerals like loose powder,  but don't!   Mineral makeup is much less translucent than loose powder and is meant to be worn as foundation, so you need to apply it sparingly and build it in stages to achieve the ideal look.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Sprinkle a small amount of product onto the lid
  2. Take your Kabuki brush and dab it into the powder.  Rotate the bristles down into the powder, working the product up into the brush.  You want to get the powder into the bristles rather then sitting on the tips.  The white bristles help you see how much you have in your brush.
  3. Starting at the center of your face (your forehead is a good place to start) butt the brush against your skin in a circular motion,  working towards the edges of your face.
  4. Continue to buss until you need to add more product.  You should only need to add more once or twice during the application.  Less is more!   Layer the miners until you feel you have good coverage.  1 for sheer natural and up to 3 for a more made-up look.
  5. The buffing motion is key to flawless application.  It works the minerals into your skin so they adhere and blends it out so it's the same consistency everywhere on your face.
  6. To use the mineral makeup powder as concealer,  simply dip your concealer brush into the powder and apply to the area you wish to conceal.  You can use the Kabuki Brush afterwards to smooth out any excess