Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

It may be tempting to just brush on minerals like loose powder,  but don't!   Mineral makeup is much less translucent than loose powder and is meant to be worn as foundation, so you need to apply it sparingly and build it in stages to achieve the ideal look.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Sprinkle a small amount of product onto the lid
  2. Take your Kabuki brush and dab it into the powder.  Rotate the bristles down into the powder, working the product up into the brush.  You want to get the powder into the bristles rather then sitting on the tips.  The white bristles help you see how much you have in your brush.
  3. Starting at the center of your face (your forehead is a good place to start) butt the brush against your skin in a circular motion,  working towards the edges of your face.
  4. Continue to buss until you need to add more product.  You should only need to add more once or twice during the application.  Less is more!   Layer the miners until you feel you have good coverage.  1 for sheer natural and up to 3 for a more made-up look.
  5. The buffing motion is key to flawless application.  It works the minerals into your skin so they adhere and blends it out so it's the same consistency everywhere on your face.
  6. To use the mineral makeup powder as concealer,  simply dip your concealer brush into the powder and apply to the area you wish to conceal.  You can use the Kabuki Brush afterwards to smooth out any excess

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